To The Editor,

First and foremost, I am not disputing the salaries of any elected official.

Every demographic level is faced with additional burdens through governments at all levels, federal, provincial, municipal, United Counties.

Municipal, counties, water taxes have increased significantly above the inflation rate for all demographics.

Question? How does the ordinary citizen go about adjusting his or her net income pay in order to compensate for increased and or imposed taxes and reductions and elimination of some tax credits, as the UPCR counties councillors have chosen to do for themselves? Increase base salaries and fees to cover for lost tax credits.

Legally, the regular citizen cannot. We all live with imposed additional burdens.

However, we will pay for these adjustment through property taxation and new fees for a  group of individuals who can, by simple power, do so for themselves.

I am interested and patiently await an explanation of  how we as regular citizen, can all adjust our net revenues to cover increased taxes, fees and decreased tax credits.

This is a problem that everyone faces and we must live with it. Why add to the burden?

We can’t  adjust our incomes to fit certain unpleasant situations such as the UCPR mayors have done for themselves.

Anxious to hear how we can the same.

Richard Charest,
Champlain Township