Mural to be unveiled in Brownsburg-Chatham

A new youth employment and art project will be launched in Brownsburg-Chatham on Sunday, June 3.  Ensemble c’est tout! (together, that’s all!) is a new mural that has been coordinated through the work of artist Sophie Stella Boivin and 10 participants from the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi d’Argenteuil (CJEA).  Boivin has led the creation of the mural and involving CJEA participants in activities related to the process.

Geneviève Montpetit, the CJEA Orientation and Intervention Counsellor, said the 10 individuals have been involved with workshops on project development, entrepreneurship, advertising, and the creation of the mural itself.  The participants are part of committees working on ideas, promotions, graphics, and event planning.  The project is designed to use art as an expression of creativity and community engagement by involving local young people.  It is intended to give them a way of expressing themselves and leaving a positive impact on the community as well.

The Municipalité Régional de Comté d’Argenteuil has provided $1,000 to Sophie Stella Boivin for the project.  The mural will eventually be displayed in all the municipalities in Argenteuil using a network of local organizations and locations.

The official launch of Ensemble c’est tout! Takes place on Sunday< June 3 at 1:00pm at La Branche culturelle at St. Louis-de-France church at 354 Rue Principale in Brownsburg-Chatham.

James Morgan

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