To The Editor,

It’s everyone’s business…

Many have reduced this fight to one of it being for the people that live on the Regional Road 17, Blue Corner Road, Bay Road, Front Road and the village of L’Orignal…but it should be  everyone’s fight…including the surrounding municipalities/townships.

A region that is known for its very visible heavy polluting industries, even if just by perception, becomes stigmatized as an unhealthy place to live.

People don’t move to a street…they move into a region. A region that is less appealing means that there will most likely be less demographic growth…and our area has had very little population increase in the past decades.

Less people interested in moving in our region means less chances of selling your property at a fair market value. Less possibility of selling your property quickly. Less people to buy cars, build new homes, shop locally, and diversify our local economy.

The actions that we do today will affect our future.

So please invest in our region…your contribution for this opposition to the radical change in zoning and to the cement plant project will benefit the vast majority of our population. Your investment can make a difference.

It is an urgent matter…

Please make your contribution payable to:
Caza Sakailey in Trust (our Lawyers)

Please indicate on your cheque:
‘Defense of Action Champlain’

You can mail it to:
Action Champlain
P.O. Box 71
L’Orignal, ON, K0B 1K0

You can also bring your cheque in person to 935 King street in L’Orignal between 12 noon and 5 p.m. or to 430 McGill street in Hawkesbury, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

You can also communicate with us at this email:
ActionChamplain.[email protected]

All contributions are strictly confidential.

Michael Santella,
for Action Champlain