Mr. Prime Minister, you’ll be getting a copy of this letter concerning your decision to legalize pot. I don’t know if you have taken the time to think out your decision completely or maybe you just wanted to fulfill one of your campaign promises seeing as you haven’t been too productive on the others.

Sir, how much nicotine is in the pot that your government is putting on the market? As you know, being a former pot smoker and addiction expert, yeah sure, when you smoke a joint you have to take a real big drag and hold it in as long as you can to get a real good hit. Just imagine the effect that will have on those young, clean, pink lungs; just when we were starting to make headway on lung cancer.

Next, in a year’s time the second phase of this project will take place, they call it the “edibles,” that’s where the T.H.C. spiked pot is made into cookies, brownies, but don’t put in the chocolate, it just weakens the high and then there’s the candies, those dangerous, bright, pretty candies that children just love. Sir, do you realize that in Colorado when the edibles were introduced to the market, the result was a surge of overdoses at local hospitals due to users underestimating the potency of the product.

Now, let’s talk about the criminal element. Did you honestly think they would just disappear when you politicians turned into pushers. These people have been in business for decades; they know what they are doing and I saw recently on the news they have already upped their scheme by boosting their T.H.C. levels up higher than your government brand. Where will it end sir, 30%, 40%, and 50%? Will there also be a pot price war? Look at illegal cigarettes. Did they disappear? Not at all. We will simply have created more pushers rather than less.

The way I see it we have 38 million people in this amazing country. Out of that, let’s say two million will smoke, and that’s a conservative estimate, out of that 30 to 50 thousand, tens of thousands of your innocent, vulnerable lives being changed forever along with their families and friends due to the ripple effect.

I imagine you and your cronies have simply put this number down as collateral damage and it was a number you could all live with, even if they couldn’t.

To me, sir, it seems like you are a rich little boy, with a brand new toy, and it so happens to be Canada. I don’t know if we will ever recover from your time in power, bringing in the drugs, allowing mass deforestation of the whole country. Your rock star attitude and selfie addiction, you represent the most wonderful country on this planet and you’re letting our future slip through your young inexperienced hands. Don’t be afraid to learn from other countries rather than thinking you know it all.

Next time, leave your cook and would-be assassin at home.

Thank you,

A. Perreault, Vankleek Hill