On February 22, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MP Francis Drouin presented the Sesquicentennial Awards at River Rock Inn in Rockland. The Canada 150 Sesquicentennial pins were awarded to community members who have demonstrated a high level of individual excellence or achievement benefiting the people of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. That evening, 14 recipients were present with more than 70 of their close family members to celebrate. Some of the recipients are seen in the photograph above. The recipients were: First row : Chanelle Beaudry-Andrews, Laura Beaudry-Andrews, Denise Latulippe, Connie Johnston, Marie-Claire Ivanski, Shirley Racine, Gary Barton (Mayor of Champlain Township), Shelley MacPhee. Second row: Francis Drouin, Pierre Leroux (Mayor of Russell Township), François St-Amour (Warden of the UCPR and Mayor of La Nation), Louis Latulippe, Fred Hyde, Marius Bauer, Cst. Alexander Young, Claude Levac, Claude Thériault, Guy Desjardins (Mayor of Clarence-Rockland), Jamie MacDonald (Deputy Mayor of the Township of North Glengarry). Every Member of Parliament received special Canada 150 pins made from the copper of the roof of the Parliament of Canada. Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MP Francis Drouin wanted to recognize outstanding community members from his riding. The call for nominations took place during autumn 2017 and more than 75 nominations were received.
Information about the individual award-winners was contained in the introductions by Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MP Francis Drouin.

Gary Barton, Vankleek Hill
Mr. Barton has dedicated his entire life to his community. After 35 years as an educator, Mr. Barton retired from the Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute in 1998.
Mr. Barton is also a staple in the Champlain and United Counties of Prescott and Russell political scene. After 40 years; Mr. Barton will be retiring from municipal politics. Since being elected in 2015, I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Barton in his capacity as Mayor for the Township of Champlain and last year as Warden of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.
In Champlain, some might know him as the teacher, school principal, hockey coach or local politician but what is guaranteed is that everyone in Champlain knows who Gary Barton is.

Marius Bauer, Alexandria
Mr. Bauer emigrated from the Netherlands to Canada and as a thank you to all Canadians for liberating his country, has organized the Remembrance Day ceremonies all over North Glengarry. He has done this for a number of years and has expanded the number of ceremonies. Last year, ceremonies in St-Isidore, Alexandria, Maxville, Apple Hill and at the Junior B Glens Game were organized by Mr. Bauer.
Marius is the Alexandria Legion Secretary, does work with the Air Cadets and volunteers at numerous events in North Glengarry.

Chanelle Beaudry-Andrews and Laura Beaudry-Andrews, Casselman
From an early age, Chanelle and Laura volunteered with their mother at the Casselman, Crysler and St-Albert food bank. Now they set the schedule for students who volunteer, unload and organize the food they have received and prepare orders for the less fortunate.
Chanelle and Laura are also involved with the Guignolée, the Curd Festival, and with a host of other community

Fred Hyde, Navan
Mr. Hyde has spent thousands of hours over his lifetime volunteering. He was involved with the Boy Scouts for around 40 years. He has been in the Navan Lion’s Club for a number of years and is still serving. He is a member of the Navan Community Association and was a Co-Chair of the Navan, Canada, 150 Committee which coordinated seven events and two projects for Canada’s Sesquicentennial.
The most significant event was the extension to the Navan Cenotaph which was titled “Honouring our Fallen Soldiers one red maple at a time”.
The largest events were the Agricultural Parade which was a walk through time of the evolution of agricultural machinery from oxen pulled carts to modern day equipment. The Street Dance Canada 150 followed the parade and had activities for all ages.

Mrs. Marie-Claire Invanski, Russell
Throughout the years, Mrs. Marie-Claire Ivanski has had an enormous impact in the Township of Russell. She has been involved in almost every community and fundraising event in Russell. These events include, the Annual Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Breakfast in Embrun, the Annual Victoria Tea Party, the biannual bingo for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Victoria’s Quilt.
Thanks to her devotion and significant contributions to various events for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, she has raised a sum of over $1 000,000.

Mrs. Connie Johnston, Russell
Mrs. Johnston who was born and raised in Russell has always been active in her community; she is involved with nearly every service club and event that takes place in Russell. She is also an avid fundraiser. Mrs. Johnston has turned her love for trivia into a money-raising machine and over the past 10 years has helped raise well over 1 million dollars to support local families who have become sick or fallen on hard times. Larger events include fundraisers in support of Fort McMurray, Jonathan Pitre and Pulmonary Hypertension to name a few.

Mr. Louis Latulippe and Mrs. Denise Latulippe, St-Isidore
Mr. and Mrs. Latulippe are both activists for the LGBTQ2 community in the region. Together, they were responsible for the chapter of P-FLAG, a peer support group. They founded an LGBTQ2 helpline in their home and helped hundreds of people in our community.
Their work began nearly 40 years ago and they are still active today. I congratulate you on your courage and your tenacity. We have made a lot of progress over the years through people like you.

Mr. Claude Levac, St-Isidore
Mr. Levac has been an active member of the Nation Municipality for many years. He has been a volunteer driver for local hospitals and a member of the executive for the distribution of Meals on Wheels. Mr. Levac is also a 4th degree Knight of Columbus and has been involved with the Knights of Columbus for over 30 years where he
has been involved as a member of the executive for many of those years.
Mr. Levac also coached for the St-Isidore Minor Hockey Association, was a member of the Caisse Populaire board of directors and a member of the organizing committee for the St-Isidore Duck Festival.

Mrs. Shelley MacPhee, Dunvegan
Mrs. Shelley MacPhee of Dunvegan has been involved with the Glengarry Pipe Band and the Glengarry School of Piping for her entire life. She is a key part of the functioning and excellence of these two organizations. Mrs. MacPhee is instrumental in the perpetuation of Scottish culture in Glengarry. She has passed on her love of piping, which she acquired at a very young age, to countless students across Glengarry.

Mrs. Shirley Racine, Limoges
Mrs. Shirley Racine from Limoges led the Carrefour Santé Limoges project.
Thanks to her hard work, dedication and unwavering
passion, she and her team of volunteers brought the project to life. The final result is a Health Hub that houses a medical clinic with eight doctors, the Estrie Community Center, Prescott and Russell Community Services, a dentist, a pharmacist, a dietitian, a chiropractor, a massage therapist and the list goes on. This project will enable the community of Limoges and surrounding areas to have access to quality, bilingual health services at a reasonable distance.

Cst. Alexander Young, Rockland
Constable Alexander Young from Rockland has been an active member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for 37 years. Throughout these years of service he has not only served his country but his community. Constable Young has spent countless hours over his career participating in volunteer events and fundraising.
Constable Young participates in numerous runs every year to support local charities such as CHEO and the Terry Fox Foundation. He also volunteers for Red Serge Duties for many cultural and community events such as the Canadian Sunset Ceremonies and the Special Olympics.
As you can see from the picture on the screen, Constable Young was also one of the 32 members of the RCMP who
were selected to attend and march at the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in France.

Mr. Claude Thériault, Hawkesbury
Mr. Claude Thériault, owner of Stereo Plus Hawkesbury, has worked in his community as a businessman and volunteer for several decades. He is a board member of the Affordable Housing Corporation for the Town of Hawkesbury. Claude gave not only several hours of volunteers for the Prescott-Russell Residence fundraising campaigns but several awards from his company Stereo Plus. Serving your community and your customers is part of Claude’s philosophy.

Mr. Stéphane, Rockland
Mr. Lacroix received a heart transplant 5 years ago. In 2017, he participated in the World Transplant Games in Malaga, Spain. He won a bronze medal at the high jump. Canada was represented by 50 athletes and 52 countries participated in the games. These games allow transplant athletes to compete, because these will never be able to present themselves at the Olympics because of the medications that they must take.

Mrs. Sylvie Bisson, Rockland
Mrs. Bisson is responsible for the Prescott-Russell and Eastern Ontario Victim Services Program. She goes beyond her job to provide for the needs of our region’s victims. She assists many individuals in the worst moments of their lives. Admitting to be a victim is difficult enough, going through the judicial process can be even more challenging for victims. Sylvie helps victims overcome these challenges.

Mr. Denis Vaillancourt, Rockland
Throughout his career, Mr. Vaillancourt has been a very active in the franco-ontarian community, especially in the field of education and governance. During his time as Executive Director of the Assemblée de la Francophonie de l’Ontario, Denis has worked to ensure the vitality of the franco-ontarian community. Mr. Vaillancourt is currently the Chair of United Way Prescott and Russell, a member of the Rockland Optimist Club and an active volunteer in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell.