Curling at the Vankleek Hill Curling Club will resume on Wednesday, January 3.  A Christmas luncheon was held at noon on Friday, December 22. Curling enthusiasts thank ice man Pit Paquette and the kitchen team led by Pauline Beauchamp.

The winners of the December draws were as follows: Monday morning:Bob Griffith, Dave Wilson, Claudia Lapierre and Rosemary Devenne; Monday evening: May Price, Dan Tremblay, Dale Clare and Ken Howes; Wednesday morning: Ron Duncan, Dave, Dawson, Ken Howes and Joanne Cook; Wednesday  evening: Kyla Burwash, Dorli Wicki, Bruce Cross and Ray Brunet; Thursday morning: Loretta Danylo, Wendy Duncan, Eva Shepard and Rosemary Devenne; Thursday evening: Dan Tremblay, Hans Lindenmann, Larry Brack and Terry Norman; Friday morning: Walter Price, Jean Roy, John DeSerres and Cecily Keats; Friday evening: Mike McGurk, Emma McGurk, Brendan Frauzel and Ray Brunet.