The Editor,

This is what I think of the few families around this area who sold their souls to RES — a foreign company,which, like them, have only one thing in mind: money. They do not care that they are dividing the community and will ruin the view of our beautiful countryside for God knows how long. I would understand people that have a hard time to make two ends meet. Then I might be more understanding, but this is definitely not the case. It seems to me that the more some people have, the more they want and the pile is never going to be big enough for them. Is this a disease? If that is the case, I hope it is not contagious. When the company puppets came to my door a few years ago and were offering $1,000 to sign a letter saying that I was in favor of installing wind turbines in this area I refused. Not that I couldn’t have used the $1000, God knows I’m not a rich man, but to me money isn’t everything and it will never be. If that was the case I would have charged for all the jobs I have done for people. The large majority of citizens here do not want wind turbines in their back yards and never will, no matter what RES or other companies are or will be offering. It is easy for big companies with deep pockets and politicians of all levels to steamroller small communities with low populations. Try to plant one of those monstrosities, half that size in the front yard of the Parliament Building or at Queen’s Park and see what happens. There are many municipalities in Ontario that are begging to have them so why don’t you go there and leave us alone? As I go around our still-beautiful countryside and towns I see less and less signs (Sauvons La Nation) opposing this horrible project. Maybe it is because the project in St-Isidore was put on hold and only on hold — don’t forget that. Let me tell you something, if the project in St-Bernardin goes through, the door will be wide open in Eastern Ontario and no matter how many nice promises were made, the turbines will pop up like mushrooms all around us and then, it will be too late for everybody. At first those wind turbines were supposed to be installed in the Nation and the transformer station in Champlain, now at least one turbine will be in Champlain. Where will the next ones go, more in Champlain, in East Hawkesbury, in Alfred and Plantagenet, where else? The turbines that RES proposed are bigger and taller than the one you probably have seen anywhere else, so they will be more of an eyesore. Now, remember August 10, 2015 when we all went to the Nation Municipality office to voice our concerns, the council backed down and declared themselves an unwilling host. Now tell me why that happened. Well, I will tell you why, it is because we all stuck together. Where is that solidarity now? I believe there is still time, but you have to get your heads out of the sand and speak out, it is not too late, don’t be afraid of voicing your concerns. Some might be afraid of ruffling some feathers by speaking out, but I say don’t be, enemies are sometimes disguised as your friends. Another thing, would somebody tell me why RES is supporting associations like AFMO and UCFO? Is it because two councillors from the Nation are sitting on those organizations? Don’t forget, not too many give without expecting something in return. Mr. Justin Trudeau and Mrs Kathleen Wynne, why are you doing this to us? What have we done to deserve this? Myself and nearly everyone around here are not against greener energy, we are against installing wind turbines in an area where they are not wanted. Please, make two municipalities very happy, first ours by not going ahead with this project and secondly, by giving it to a willing municipality.

Yours truly and sincerely
Yves Duval
St-Bernardin, Ontario

Yves Duval
St Bernardin