The Town of Hawkesbury will be investing a projected $2.3 million in its water infrastructure and East Hawkesbury is investing around $115,000 to upgrade its storm sewers on Mill Street in St-Eugene. The federal government is providing up to 50 per cent of the funding and the provincial government is providing up to 25 per cent. The governmental investment is part of an agreement between Canada and Ontario for the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund.

The projects for the Town of Hawkesbury consists of a study of the water filtration plant to assess operational constraints. This project has a price tag of about $193,000.

The government funding will also enable the town to replace 550 metres of water main with new 200mm conduit and replace all the lateral services (water, sanitary and storm) servicing approximately 60 residences on Regent Street between James and William Street. The intent of this project is to replace the existing water main prone to breaks and freezing with a new 200mm pliable iron conduit. Due to the magnitude of this project, it will likely be done in multiple phases and will cost an estimated $1.2 million.

The third project, which is estimated at about $650,000, consists of installing a 250mm diameter ductile iron water main from McGill Street to Geneviève Street while crossing the Hawkesbury Creek. The new water main will measue about 350 metres. This project will complete a long-awaited loop that will strengthen the town’s network and provide enhanced service (pressure, flow and fire protection) to approximately 60 residences that are located in one of the town’s oldest sector.

In order to rectify a well-documented drainage problem within the industrial sector of the town, the fourth project will be to upgrade 350 metres of the Tessier Street ditch located between 1250 Tessier Street to 900 Tupper Street and replacing 59 meters of undersized culverts with 89 meters of elliptical concrete culverts. Erosion and sediment control will be implemented and all affected driveways will be reinstated. The estimated cost for this project is $282,500.

East Hawkesbury will receive $50,000 from the federal government and $25,000 from the provincial government for its storm sewer upgrade on Mill Street in St-Eugène. This project is estimated at $115,000.