The body of a man who had been missing since June 1 was found on June 3 near Treadwell in Alfred-Plantagenet.
Police say 34-year-old Benoit Franche of Hawkesbury was found dead by the owner of a waterfront home in the area at about 5:45 p.m.

On Thursday, June 1 at about 4:20 p.m., police were at Parker Island, near Rockland, searching for a man who was last seen adrift on a boat on the Ottawa River.

They said the man, whose identity was not known, was seen taking an aluminium boat from the shoreline after getting off the ferry in Rockland, and as it began to drift away, he was seen paddling the boat along the shoreline.

Police later found the boat, which they say was stolen, on Parker Island, with a bicycle and bag inside. Officers as well as police dogs searched the island and the surrounding area but could not find the man. On Thursday, police said a search of the river from the air was underway.

Police say a post-mortem investigation has been scheduled for June 6 or 7.