About 124 cows were killed in a fire near Maxville on Monday afternoon. Shortly before 5 p.m. on Monday, October 24, North Glengarry firefighters were called to a fire at Leducdale Farms. A large barn was fully engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived.

North Glengarry fire chief Patrick Gauthier said the fire was exacerbated by strong winds. “There’s really nothing left of the barn,” he said. Five nearby silos sustained heat damage and will likely have to be demolished, said Gauthier, but a nearby home was saved. The fire was under control by about 10 p.m., but firefighters remained until 3 a.m., making sure it was completely extinguished. No people were injured in the fire.

The exact cause of the fire is not known, and probably will never be, said Gauthier, but the fire is not considered suspicious and won’t be investigated further. “After a big fire like that and the fact that we have to move everything around with heavy equipment, it’s almost indeterminable, but there’s no cause for suspicion,” he said.