In the photo is Ariane France receiving the Shawn Cass Memorial Trophy from Cecil Cass, after she won the Grand Champion category in 4-H showmanship at the 2016 Vankleek Hill Fair. Read on for more winners from the 2016 Vankleek Hill Fair.
Photo courtesy Jonathan France

VANKLEEK HILL – Fourteen combines participated in the combine derby at the Vankleek Hill Fair on Thursday, August 18.
The winners are as follows:
1st heat winner: J.F. Santerre; 2nd heat winner: Adam Howes and 3rd heat winner: Denis Chaumont.


The demolition derby was held Saturday night, August 20th with 75 cars participating.

In the eight-cylinder car category, the first-place winner was Maxime Besner, with Kevin Mayer winning the free-for-all.
In the four-cylinder car category, Max Berry was the winner of the first heat, while Alexandre Villeneuve won the second heat. Brady MacCulloch won the free-for-all.

In the van category, Chris Fraser Proulx won the first heat.

The Vankleek Hill Fair parade was held Thursday night, August 18.

In the business division, Hillcrest Funeral Home placed first, while Jimmy Denovan Custom Sawing placed second.

The Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market won first place in the community organization category, with Champlain Township placing second.

For farms and families, Allensite Farms placed first, with Greg and Joan MacGillivray placing second.
Rose Huxted placed first in the parade horse category, while Kirby Farms placed second.
Knox Presbyterian won the youth parade category.
Melody and Horace Nixon won the community spirit category.


The Exhibition Hall Trophy for the highest overall total points was presented to Jackie Charbonneau. The runner-up was Therese Besner. The “New Exhibitor” trophy went to Monika Johnson. The top junior exhibitor was Caitlin Allen. The runner-up was Laura Raymond.


Therese Besner’s entries garnered the most points in the garden vegetables category.
For the most points in potted plants, Doris Robinson and Monika Johnson tied.

Marsha Howes won the most points for cut flowers, while Julie Arthurs won the most points in the decorative section.


The Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society expresses its thanks to sponsor, Laurin’s Independent Grocer, Hawkesbury for generously supplying prizes for first and second place winners in the Baking sections in the Culinary Art Division.

Pat Wilson garnered the most points in the Baking Section.

Laurin’s Independent Grocer, Hawkesbury also supported the first and second-place winners of the bottled goods section in Culinary Arts.

Natasha Fortin garnered the most points in the bottled goods section.


Most points in Knitting Section: Olive Moore

Most points in Sewing Section: Marg Zihlmann

Most points in Crochet Section: Sandra Bennett

Most points in Needlework Section: Linda Diquer

Most points in Swedish Weaving Section: Pauline Newton

Most points in the Fair Theme Section, “Christmas in August”: Tie -Julie Arthurs & Monika Johnson


Most Points in the Photography Class: Emily MacDuff McCaig


Most Points: 4 years: Brooklyn Johnson

Runner Up: William Broad

Most Points: 5 years: Ryland MacLaren

Runner Up: Ruben Zihlmann

Most Points: 6-7 years: Amber McCaig/Logan MacTavish

Runners Up: Lyla Anderson & Reagan Hall

Most Points: 8-9 years: Kailena Allen/Vienna Campbell

Runners Up: Laura Raymond/Kaileigh Carkner

Most Points: 10-11 years: Elysia Allen

Runner Up: Sydney Mode/Sage Cunning

Most Points: 12-15 years: Caitlin Allen

Runner Up: Chelsea Sauve

Most Points: All Ages to 18:             Kaleigh Carkner

Runner Up: Laura Raymond


The horse pull was held on Friday, August 19th with 15 teams participating.

The pull was judged by Andrew Lemieux.
In the light class, first place went to Yvon Sabourin. Second place – Brent Gaby; 3rd place – Jonathon Robert and 4th place – Shawn Gaby.

In the heavy class, first place went to Brent Gaby. Second place – Mario Tasse; 3rd – place Jacques Lanoix and 4th place – Shawn Gaby.

Heavy Horse Results

Grand Champion Mare – Belgian; 1st place – Scott Kealey

Grand Champion Mare – Clydesdale; 1st place – John Heatlie

Reserve Grand Champion Mare – Clydesdale; 1st  place – John Heatlie

Grand Champion Stallion – Clydesdale; – No Entries

Reserve Grand Champion Stallion – Clydesdale;     No Entries

Best Clydesdale Bred and Owned by Exhibitor; 1st place – John Heatlie

Supreme Champion of all breeds       ; 1st place – John Heatlie

Bob Wilson Memorial Six-Horse Hitch:

1s place – t      Ferme Sylver -St.Patrice, QC

2nd place –      Grier Family Percherons

3rd  place – Wilson Farms, Vankleek Hill, Ontario

4th  place – McLaughlin Clydesdales

Four Horse Hitch –  Draft

1st place – Wilson Farms, Vankleek Hill, Ontario.

2nd place – Ferme Bienvenue

3rd place – Ferme Sylver

4th place – McLaughlin Clydesdales