Writers Wanted

So . . . you’re interested in community journalism or maybe you are an expert who wants to share your knowledge with local readers.
Or maybe: you just love to write.

Email [email protected] to get started as a contributor.  Already a contributor? Click here to login!

Only two steps to become a contributor!

  1. Create an account on thereview.ca.
  2. Email Louise and tell her why you want to be a contributor. Be sure to include some samples of you work.

I’m a contributor, now what?

  1. Login to the website.
  2. Upload a headshot and update your bio.
  3. Click here or on “Submit Article” in the menu to add your stories.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I write about?

This is your chance to share news from your community, whether it’s political, feel-good, a fundraiser or a miracle, bring it on! We can’t be everywhere, but with your help, we can get the news from your community online and we will use selected and time-sensitive items for publication in the weekly print edition of The Review.

What’s In It For Me?

Do I get more than just fame and glory? Not really (isn’t that enough ?? :), unless our editor likes your writing and style enough to assign you to a particular story, in which case we negotiate a fee at the time of assignment.

But you should know that you are being a leader by contributing to your community’s well-being and making a difference! When you contribute to The Review’s website, you’ll get a head shot, a byline and a short bio. And here is how we can help you! Include a few links to whatever you’d like to promote — your website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, latest project, etc.
PLUS: Receive the print edition of The Review for the balance of the calendar year in which you are a contributor. Once you’re a contributor, you will receive a code so you can sign up for the print edition online!

Can I publish my submission somewhere else?

That depends. If we publish your item on The Review’s website, in our print edition or in our e-edition, we prefer to have exclusivity. In other words, don’t publish the same story on seven different media websites. Chances are, other media outlets will feel the same way. If you want permission to publish your item elsewhere, talk to us about it. We’re not hard to get along with!

How long should each submission be?

Depends. If it is a short community news item, aim for 250 words or less. Longer opinion pieces or feature stories can run 600 to 900 words.

Do I need to pitch you my idea before I write?

Up to you. You can if you want to, or just submit your item.

Can I include links with my writing?

Yes. But make sure links are relevant and appropriate for the reader. Insert links into your copy.

Should I write a headline? 

And why wouldn’t you? You know your material best, so give it your best shot! We might tweak it to make it more exciting and to boost it on search engines. So think outside the box for headlines. This is a whole skill in and of itself.

Who will edit my work?

Our editors will look over your content and we ’ll do our best to preserve the tone of your writing.

What other stuff do I need to know?

We like to have fun, but we do take things pretty seriously around here, especially when it comes to the spelling of people’s names, getting the facts right and not getting personal when you’re writing an objective piece about let’s say, the mayor’s latest move or controversial subjects. Opinion pieces are different, of course, but always write clearly, concisely and if you present a problem or criticism, how about presenting a solution at the same time? Please use one space between sentences.

Should I send photos?

If you have photos to share, submit them to us. Note that we need photos with a landscape, not portrait orientation. Let us know who took the photos. And identify the people in the photo, from left to right. (We get complaints when we don’t say who is in photos.)

Do I do anything after I submit my material?

Watch for it online, and when it runs, feel free share a link from our website to your social media or other networks!

We look forward to your contribution!

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