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Sponsored Articles - In The Review Print • E-Paper • TheReview.ca

What you receive:

  • Print ad/article in The Review
  • Ad/article in e-edition of The Review
  • An article on The Review.ca
  • 2 shares on The Review’s busy Facebook page

Provide us with:

  • 1 featured image 800 x 454
  • Up to 3 additional images
  • An article ranging from 150 to 1,000 words (depending on the size of ad you choose)
  • No more than two DoFollow links per article


  • 1/4 page 150 (with photo) or 250 (without photo)
  • 1/2 page 550 words
  • full page 1,000 words

Articles can be provided in word format.
Photos can be inside the word document with the sponsored article or separate attachments.
Sponsored article content can be supplied to The Review by email.
Sponsored articles will be identified as such, and if it contains affiliate links, that will be noted at the top of the article/post.
All sponsored articles must be approved by the publisher.
Exclusivity is not guaranteed for your business category or the type of products you sell.