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The Review is celebrating its 125th Anniversary!

We are asking for your help for a history-making project!

The Review is all about history. From the very first page that we published in 1893, to the edition that we just published last week. We always fill our paper with important news and stories that matter to you. Over time, the way we write about what's happening in the region has changed. And so, even that is part of our history – and it's worth preserving. Beyond preservation, imagine if you could search through all 125 years of The Review to find current events of the time, birth and death notices, your grad photos, the awards you won and so much more!

So far, we have done a lot of work. We have microfilmed all of our back issues.

The editions from 1893 to 1922 have all been scanned and had an optical character recognition process (OCR) applied. Each page of The Review has its own special file name so that all of our pages and editions fall into the correct sequence. And they have been uploaded into our Pagesuite database so that you can search through them, typing in the words or names that are part of your search. Since 2006, The Review's production process has been completely digital, so that from that point on, there was no need for microfilming or scanning. Every week, we upload our current edition to enable people to read our paperless e-edition. Our e-edition subscribers have access to the past three months of The Review and then, when an edition is three months old, it is moved into our bigger archive, joining our older editions. But the remaining editions from 1923 to 2005 still have to be scanned, have the OCR process applied and then, they have to be carefully named and uploaded into our All-Inclusive Archive so that 125 years will live in the same place!

During the past 25 years, I have invested about $30,000 in microfilming and doing the Archiving work completed until 1922. In recent years, we have focused on technology, new products and building innovation to sustain this community newspaper. I consider it my personal responsibility to ensure that this newspaper continues on into the future, serving the community and doing so in sustainable ways.

Which brings me to the completion of our Archiving process. To ensure our Archives are protected forever and are available for reading and for research, we have a bit of work to do. It is our 125th anniversary this year, so on behalf of all of the community work The Review has done in the past 125 years, I am asking for your help. We want to complete our Archive project and have everything protected forever, secured online and searchable for those interested in researching their roots or local history!

If you are reading this and you care about history, now is your chance to make a difference. And we have some special ways to thank you (keep reading)!

About the project

We will be working with a reputable company in Mallorytown, Ontario to scan all of our approximately 100,000 remaining images (pages) and once that is done, we will be able to add them to our existing online archive. All of this work: the scanning, file naming, uploading and hosting online comes at a cost.


Our Proposal

We've run the numbers. It will take 250 generous people to donate $100 each to move this project forward. You can donate in your own name or in memory of someone special to you. (The total project cost is $25,000).  Your donation of $100 will enable us to get this entire job done! Yes, we can make history together! (Isn't that what we have been doing all along?)


What's in it for you?

You will receive:

5 years access to 125 years of The Review Archives!

Yes! Your donation will not only make it possible to complete all 125 years of online archiving  but we're giving you unlimited access for five years, beginning effective September 14, 2018!

Your name on The Review Ink Heritage Plaque
Limit: 260 lines.

Your name will be written in stone! Granite, to be exact, on several beautiful plaques to be installed on the east side of The Review building. We have asked another century-old business to put their expertise to work to create these plaques! Thanks to Martel & Sons (one of The Review's oldest customers, BTW) for working with The Review once again! The nuts and bolts: You have 22 characters to display your name or organization!

The Review's 125th anniversary book

Our book features the Top 50 Stories from the past 125 years of local history, gleaned from the pages of The Review. Our book is coming out in September 2018 and our Review Ink supporters will each receive a copy of this special souvenir publication.

Our anniversary mug

Take home our Review 125th 14-ounce slick anniversary mug!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Get your Hawkesbury Post!

PLUS! We have this exciting news! By being a part of this project, you will be part of the archiving of all of the issues of the Hawkesbury Post, kindly shared with us by William Byers. The Hawkesbury Post which had a short run from 1899 to 1901 will be archived alongside The Review!

Donate Online:

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By Cheque:

Mail your cheque (made out to The Review) and this form to:

The Review Ink Project,
Box 160, 76 Main Street East,
Vankleek Hill, Ontario
K0B 1R0

In Person:

Stop by The Review Office in Vankleek Hill to make your donation!

76 Main Street East,
Vankleek Hill, Ontario
K0B 1R0


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