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Growing communities.

Stay up to date on new subdivisions, commercial growth, business expansions.

What’s up next in your community?

People. That’s you.

Whether someone has fallen on hard times and needs help, or has discovered the cure for the Ebola virus (yep, someone local did that), we love writing about people. They’re inventing things, growing local food, organizing for change and care about their communities.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Good news.

Local people are up to good things. The Last Word page is our most popular page, right after the editorial and letters pages.

We make it a priority to share news of people changing the world, donating to their local food bank, winning awards, writing books, and so much more.

What can you do?

We tell you the whole story about upcoming events and how you can get involved ahead of time and of course, we let you know when an event is right around the corner so you can attend.

Stuff to think about.

Crime. Scams. Corruption. Yes, sometimes things go wrong. And we tell you about it in an objective way.

We aren’t like the media you read about. We live down the street from you. We’re here to help you stay safe, not to raise fear.

The environment.

The environment is a hot topic with everyone, these days.

We cover local business initiatives, the debate over green energy projects and always tell both sides of the story.

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In addition, we modified our print schedule, so that a print edition with EXTRA PAGES AND CONTENT goes out to subscribers and hits the newsstands weeks two and four of each month. Many newspapers have stopped printing altogether; we have reorganized to bring you MORE print pages per month, delivering MORE STORIES, MORE FEATURES and MORE FUN CONTESTS to engage our readers during this time!

With small businesses under so much pressure, we reduced the cost of our advertising and have deals EVERY WEEK for you. Sometimes, there is a 2-for-1. Other weeks, we have a deep discount on a few particular ad sizes. In addition, we frequently offer Facebook shares of client ads on The Review’s 12,000+ followers Facebook page. In general, we have reduced our prices overall and we work hard to bring you refreshing promotional ideas and ways to advertise: in print, in our e-edition, on our website, Facebook shares, sponsored articles or by purchasing a Facebook contest. Just say yes and we do the work for you!