Guidelines for Advertising with us

Here are some helpful tips when placing advertising with The Review.

We have been an independently owned subscriber-based newspaper since 1893 and are proud of it!

The Review Newspaper is a weekly tabloid publication with a page size of 11” x 13.5”.

Print Schedule: The deadline for advertising is Monday at noon and Tuesdays are press days. The Review is delivered digitally each week on Wednesdays and in print the 2nd and 4th week of each month. 

AD Design: The Review includes the cost of designing your ad into the price of your placement for free. If you are having your ad designed in-house and want to send it to us made here is a PDF with design guidelines for your graphic designer. AD Design Specs 2021

For political campaigns and elections: The Review Newspaper follows the standard rules of advertising set forth. For Federal Elections please check the Elections Canada website to verify the current rules before requesting a placement:




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