The cold and flu season is back! Most people already know these steps to avoid getting sick:

Wash your hands frequently;

Eat well, especially green leafy vegetables;

Go outside, get some fresh air;

Open windows for a few minutes each day to change the air indoors;

Put a humidifier in your house;

Don’t overheat your home;

Get enough sleep.

But do not forget the importance of nutrients and supplements to help you stay healthy:

Optimize your intake of vitamin D: Many Canadians lack vitamin D3 especially during winter. You can get some in foods like salmon, canned tuna, egg yolks, mushrooms and beef liver. If possible, expose yourself to the sun 10 to 15 minutes each day. Even when taking those steps, it is hard to get enough vitamin D so consider taking a good supplement of vitamin D3. A deficiency in vitamin D can lead to symptoms of cardiovascular disease, poor bone growth and a weak immune system.

Take supplements of vitamin C and zinc; they will help boost your immune system. There is proof that they reduce the duration and severity of symptoms.

Not all bacteria is bad! Think about building the good bacteria in your gut with Probiotics. They are good to prevent as well as fight off viruses.

Finally, cultivate happiness! Being happy and positive reduces the incidence of any illness.

This article was written by Line Crête, health counsellor at L’Amie de la santé. Visit: to learn more!