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A stationary bike is a great way to start your home gym, meet your fitness goals, and warm-up for a more intense workout. These bikes are a staple for anyone looking for some extra exercise at home. You’ll be surprised by how effective these home workout machines can be!

We’ve carefully compiled this list of the best stationary bikes in Canada. Any one of these machines can help you elevate your home gym.

Best stationary bikes in Canada

Best overall: Bowflex C6 Bike

The Bowflex C6 Bike is the cream of the crop when it comes to stationary exercise bikes. It features everything you could want in a home gym machine, including comfort features, convenience, and a host of workout help via the JRNY app.

The bike itself is expertly built, with a sturdy frame and a user weight of 330 pounds. The console is backlit, allowing you to see all of your workout videos, guided training, and tracking information. The small footprint makes it simple to fit this stationary bike into your home workout space, no matter the size.

When you purchase the Bowflex C6, you’ll get access to a year of JRNY membership. This app includes workout music, real-time tracking to help keep you on track and hitting your goals, and on-demand classes. You’ll also have access to personalized coach workouts that encourage you to keep going. Connect a tablet to bike down 50+ virtual trails inspired by beautiful locations in the great outdoors.

When it comes to the design of the bike itself, expect nothing less than the best. The magnetic flywheel has 100 different resistance levels so you can quietly and quickly elevate your workout over time. You’ll find holders for the included 3-lb dumbbells on either side of the bike, allowing you to get in some bicep curls while you pedal. The seat is adjustable, and the handlebars can adjust in four directions so you’re always using them comfortably.

You’ll also get a Bluetooth HR armband, which monitors your heart rate, a step up from the standard handlebar heart rate monitors. It effortlessly transports your data to your bike and the JRNY app. With so many additional features, it’s easy to see how the Bowflex C6 is one of the best stationary bikes in Canada.

Features of the Bowflex C6 Bike

100 resistance levels

While some workout bikes have a dozen resistance levels, the Bowflex C6 boasts over 100 different resistant levels to help elevate your workouts over time.

3-lb dumbbells included

A set of 3-pound dumbbells are included with their own holders on the sides of the bike. You can get your arm workout started while you’re still warming up!

4 way adjustable handlebars

If you’ve ever had trouble getting a comfortable fit for your handlebars, you don’t have to worry anymore. The Bowflex C6 Bike has 4-way adjustable handlebars. You can move them up, down, forward, or backward to find the perfect fit for you.

On-demand classes and virtual courses

With Bowflex’s JRNY Membership, you’ll have access to on-demand classes to help boost your routine, as well as virtual cycling courses with exciting outdoor visuals.

What sets the Bowflex C6 Bike apart?

The Bowflex C6 Bike is a premium edition to your home gym and has so many great features that can take your workout routine to the next level. When you purchase the bike, you’ll get one year of JRNY membership free, which allows you to access training, courses, and tracking. The dual-sided pedals can safely accommodate cycling and athletic shoes, and the included Bluetooth HR armband helps track your heart rate independently.

  • Includes one year of JRNY Membership
  • Dual-sided pedals
  • Bluetooth HR armband

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Best for short users: DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bike

Shorter users often have trouble with stationary bikes, as some aren’t adjustable. This means they have to lean farther forward to reach the handlebars or sit on the edge of the seat while pedalling. It’s unsafe and uncomfortable. The DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bike features an adjustable seat and handlebars, so you can easily find your perfect fit no matter your height.

This bike is made of thick steel, with upgraded components and a wide, comfortable seat. The maximum weight limit is 330 pounds. The flywheel is smooth and easy to operate, with high-quality magnetic resistance. You’ll get more refined resistance levels, quieter operation, and a better workout experience overall.

Tracking your stats is easier than ever with the DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bike. It tracks your heart rate, speed, calories burned, time, and distance. It also saves the information over time, so you can keep track of how close you are to meeting your goals.

The small footprint is fine for most home gyms, but you can also move the bike to where you need it easily. It weighs 95 pounds, but convenient wheels on the bottom of the bike make it easy to move it to where you need it.

Features of the DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bike

Adjustable handlebars and seat

This DMASUN bike is the best bike in Canada for shorter users because the seat and handlebars are adjustable. You can move the seat forward or backward to reach the pedals, and you can pull the handlebars toward you for a more comfortable exercising position.

Real-time tracking

The bike’s LCD monitor tracks your heart rate, speed, calories burned, time, and distance in real-time. It stores the information and displays your progress over time, allowing you an easy way to track your goals.

Magnetic resistance

Magnetic resistance makes the flywheel on this bike smooth and quiet. It’s one of the best options for stationary bikes and it works well in the DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bike.

What sets the DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bike apart?

The DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bike features a heavy-duty design, with a thick steel frame that can support up to 330 pounds. Each bike is thoroughly tested for capacity and sturdiness. When you’re ready to move the bike around your home gym, simply rotate the wheels on the bottom for easy mobility.

  • 330-lb weight limit
  • Transport wheels
  • Heavy-duty design

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Best App: Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX5

It seems like every piece of workout equipment comes with its own app. The Echelon Fit App that comes with your Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX5 is one of the best available in Canada, with classes, music, extra workouts, and access to personalized instruction.

Better yet, you get a free trial for 90 days after you purchase the bike. You can see if the app is for you before you commit to a subscription. The bike works with the app to keep track of your speed, distance, output, and calories burned. This information can help you achieve your fitness goals!

If you’re a shorter user, don’t worry! The seat can be adjusted up to 6” in either direction. The handlebars can be adjusted up or down to create a better position for your upper body, too. If you want to try out some bicep curls while you get warmed up, make use of the twin dumbbell holders on the back of the seat rail. They hold up to 2lbs each, perfect for getting those muscles warmed up.

The bike is sturdily constructed, with a 300-pound weight limit and reinforced steel design. You don’t have to worry about this bike falling over or moving on its own, as it weighs over 100 pounds. It’s not going anywhere!

Features of the Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX5

32 resistance levels

The flywheel on this Echelon Smart Bike features 32 levels of magnetic resistance. Changing your resistance level is smooth and silent.

6” seat adjustment

The seat on this Echelon bike adjusts a full 6” forward or backward, giving you plenty of room to adjust based on your height.

Echelon Fit App connectivity

The Echelon Fit App helps track your progress. It uses Bluetooth to collect data on your distance, speed, calories burned, and output so you can track them over time. There are on-demand classes and training sessions to help you meet your goals, and you get a free 90-day trial with your purchase.

180 device rotation

When you’re tired of cycling, flip the device holder over. Use the app to gain access to a host of other exercise routines, including yoga and Pilates classes.

What sets the Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX5 apart?

The Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX5 has a sturdy construction, with a 300-pound weight limit. Most users can enjoy the smooth resistance of this Echelon bike. On the back of the seat rails are dumbbell holders, which allow you to practice your bicep curls while you’re pedalling.

  • 300-lb weight limit
  • Dumbbell holders

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Best tracking: Schwinn Fitness IC4 Bike

Most stationary bikes track metrics for a single session only. If you wanted to record your progress, you’d have to write down the figures manually. The Schwinn Fitness IC4 Bike features saved tracking via your favourite fitness apps, including JRNY, Peloton, and Zwift.

This bike uses a smooth magnetic flywheel to provide you with over 100 resistance levels. This gives you plenty of options to raise the resistance over time. This bike will carry you from the beginning of your journey to your fitness goals. You’ll have access to hundreds of hours of workout videos, personalized training, playlists, and virtual trails to explore when you connect to the JRNY app, which you’ll have for one year after purchase.

Other compatible apps offer similar options, allowing you to choose the program you want to follow. Your progress will be tracked over time via the Bluetooth armband that monitors your heart rate and calories burned. The bike will also send information about your speed, time, and distance to the app, giving you a complete picture of your workout progress.

The seat and handlebars are fully adjustable, so you can find your perfect fit no matter how tall you are. Move them back and forth to find an alignment that is most comfortable for you. Meanwhile, take advantage of the dumbbell holders (equipped with 3-pound weights) and the double water bottle holders to keep you hydrated.

Features of the Schwinn Fitness IC4 Bike

Works with other fitness apps

When you order this bike, you’ll get a free year of JRNY app membership, with access to classes, advanced tracking, and scenic virtual biking trails. This bike is also compatible with the Peloton and Zwift apps, so you can use whichever you prefer.

100 resistance levels

Smooth magnetic resistance offers 100 resistance levels. Get started with the lowest levels and elevate your workouts over time. You’ll be able to see and feel the improvement as you bike!

Bluetooth armband with tracking

The Schwinn Fitness IC4 tracks your heart rate, speed, time, distance, and calories burned via a Bluetooth band for your arm. This information is stored and tracked over time on the backlit full-colour LCD display.

What sets the Schwinn Fitness IC4 Bike apart?

This Schwinn stationary bike offers a smooth resistance and comfortable adjustment features. The seat and handlebars are adjustable, to help you feel more comfortable and to accommodate users of any height. Two water bottle holders hold all the water you need for a long workout session. The bike even comes with a smart device mount for your iPad or smartphone.

  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Two water bottle holders
  • Mount for your smart device

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Best budget: Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Some stationary bikes can get very expensive. It can seem overwhelming to try and choose one when you’re unsure if you’ll get enough use out of the bike to justify the purchase. Thankfully, bikes like the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike Exist. This bike comes at a fraction of the cost of other options we’ve looked at.

For the most part, it offers the same basic features as more expensive bikes. It has an LCD display that helps you track how many calories you’ve burned, the time you’ve spent pedalling, the speed you are maintaining, and your heart rate. The special hand pulse sensors keep you informed about your heart rate, so you know when you’re getting the most out of your workout.

You can increase the tension for a harder workout, too. This bike uses 8 distinct magnetic tension levels to help you increase your output over time. You can use this bike no matter your skill level! The sturdy frame is foldable, meaning you can fold it down to about half its size and roll it away on the built-in frame wheels when you aren’t using it. Keep in mind that this stationary bike has a weight limit of around 300 pounds.

While you’re using it, you won’t even hear the flywheel running. The three-piece crank system offers a smoother, quieter operation so that you don’t drown out your music or the TV. The extra-large seat cushion adds another level of comfort, and you can adjust the seat to fit riders between 5’3” and 6’1”. This bike offers something for everyone.

Features of the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

LCD display

The intelligent LCD display tracks your distance, speed, time, calories burned, and heart rate information.

8 tension levels

There are 8 magnetic tension levels on this Exerpeutic bike, giving you enough adjustment to control the difficulty of your workout.

Folding design

When you’re done with your workout, you can fold the bike down for half of its size. The transportation wheels on the bottom of the frame make it easy to relocate the bike wherever you need it.

3 piece crank system

The high-torque cranking system helps you pedal smoother and more consistently. It’s quiet enough that you can watch TV while using it without turning up the volume.

What sets the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike apart?

The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is a great budget option that saves space and time in your workout routine. The extra-large seat cushion is comfortable to adjust, with options suiting people from 5’3” to 6’1”. It has a 300-lb weight capacity and operates smoothly and quietly for all workout settings.

  • Extra-large seat cushion
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Smooth, quiet operation

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Best versatility: Bowflex VeloCore Bike

Stationary bikes are often simple and boring, but the Bowflex VeloCore is changing it up in big ways! Instead of staying stationary, you can easily switch between this mode and leaning mode, which offers a more intense workout for your whole body. It’s two exercise bikes in one!

No matter which position you choose, you’ll be pedalling through 100 different resistance levels that you can change on a whim. These resistance levels also change throughout the virtual courses you can run as well, creating a unique and variable workout.

All of the most important metrics are tracked through the console. This large touchscreen comes in 16” or 22” – you can decide which screen you want. Here, you’ll have access to your free 1-year JRNY membership, your Peloton membership, and your Zwift apps. You’ll also be able to stream from your favourite media streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus.

While you’re working out, the console will track important metrics like your heart rate (obtained via the Bluetooth HR armband), calories, calorie burn rate, intervals, time, distance, speed, cadence, and resistance level. All of these are tracked over time so you can visualize your progress.

This bike has a ton of physical features as well, including the impressive 325-pound weight limit. The handlebars adjust in four different ways, the seat is comfortable and adjustable, and you’ll find Bluetooth speakers on the console. Use the 3-lb dumbbells included with the bike to get a quick arm workout in at the same time!

Features of the Bowflex VeloCore Bike

Multiple riding styles

Most stationary bikes stay stationary all of the time. The Bowflex VeloCore Bike switches effortlessly from stationary mode to leaning mode, further increasing the potency of your workouts.

100 resistance levels

Pedal through 100 resistance levels, slowly increasing the difficulty to put your muscles to the test. The magnetic tension is smooth and quiet, and you can still hear your music or shows as you work out.

Multiple tracking metrics

The large HD console screen tracks more metrics than ever before, including your resistance level, cadence, heart rate, calories, burn rate, distance, intervals, and time. You’ll be able to view and appreciate each step of your journey with these options.

1-year JRNY membership

When you purchase the Bowflex VeloCore, you’ll have access to a free year of the JRNY service. This membership gives you access to multiple different on-demand training videos, personalized training courses, and virtual trails. You can also access hundreds of radio options and playlists right from the console.

What sets the Bowflex VeloCore Bike apart

The Bowflex VeloCore Bike is one of the best multi-style bikes we’ve found. You can easily switch from leaning to stationary mode, creating a versatile workout. You have more options, too: you can choose the 16” or 22” HD touchscreen console, which comes pre-loaded with JRNY apps and all of your favourite streaming services. You can even connect your Peloton and Zwift subscriptions to the bike. The bike has an impressive 325-lb weight limit.

  • Large 16” or 22” HD Console
  • 325-lb weight limit
  • Built-in Media Streaming Services

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Best brake tension: Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

While most of the stationary bikes on our list have used magnetic tension adjustment, the Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike uses a belt-driven flywheel. This leads to an increase in friction, so you get more intense resistance levels and longer use overall.

You can adjust the tension using the leather brake pad attached to the wheel. Each time you turn the adjustment knob to increase the tension, the leather brake pad presses down. This leads to a higher-intensity workout with more resistance than magnetic flywheels can accommodate.

The seat can be adjusted in two different ways to accommodate users of all heights. The seat height can be raised from between 79cm and 107cm. You can also adjust the distance between the seat and the handlebars. You can adjust between 46cm and 58cm, so every user can comfortably reach the pedals and handlebars.

The cages on the foot pedals decrease frustration while using the bike vigorously. These cages are fitted to work with most athletic shoes. Now, your foot won’t slip off while you pedal, no matter how fast you’re going.

This bike is extremely simple and features easy transportation when you need to get it out of the way. Though it’s a little easier to operate than some of the other bikes on our list, it offers great tension and an effective workout.

Features of the Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

22kg flywheel with drive belt

The 22kg flywheel uses a drive belt, creating steep friction increases when the tension is adjusted. It’s quiet and simple to use.

Caged foot pedals

Caged foot pedals ensure that your feet never slip off of the pedals while you’re working out. They are fitted to most athletic shoes.

Adjustable seat

The seat can adjust in height and proximity to the handlebars. This is ideal for shorter users and much taller users as well. The inseam height adjusts between 79cm and 107cm, while the seat-to-handlebar distance is adjustable from 46cm to 58cm.

Adjustable tension via leather brake pad

A leather brake pad tightens on the flywheel to control the tension. Each time you crank the tension knob, the leather pad presses down a little more. This allows for more rough levels of tension and a more intense workout.

What sets the Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike apart?

The Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike offers simple controls and tension, creating a workout routine without all the unnecessary bells and whistles. It features a secure bottle holder to help you stay hydrated, simple controls and adjustment for the set and tension, and easy portability. When you need to move it, simply lean it up on the built-in wheels.

  • Secure bottle holder
  • Easy portability
  • Simple controls and adjustment

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Best adjustment: CHAOKE Exercise Bike

The CHAOKE Exercise Bike offers a unique blend of form and function. Its smooth white plastic design is a bit more stylish than any of the other options on our list. However, it’s the way the bike works that helped us choose.

The magnetic tension flywheel system adjusts tension effortlessly, and also ensures that it operates quietly. The thick steel frame doesn’t wobble when you get going, and it can support up to 300 pounds.

The seat can be raised or lowered to make it easier to reach the pedals. It can also move forward and backward to help you find your perfect, comfortable stance for your cycling routine. The pedals are shaped like cages so your feet don’t slip off, and a strap adjusts the pedal to fit your feet. It’s a safer way to go when you’re exercising vigorously.

You can track your progress via the easy-to-read LCD monitor. Here, you’ll find your heart rate (which is detected using the heart rate monitors on the handlebars). You’ll also find the time, distance, speed, and calories burned for each workout session. In time, you’ll be able to see the improvement you’re making!

Overall, this bike is simple to use and makes you want to keep using it. The multiple adjustments make it perfect for shorter (or taller) users, and plenty of comfort features make it a joy to work with.

Features of the CHAOKE Exercise Bike

Easy-to-read LCD monitor

The LCD monitor at the front of the bike easily tracks different exercise metrics, including your time, speed, calories burned, heart rate, and distance. This console connects to the heart rate monitors on the bars to ensure an accurate reading.

Adjustable cage-shaped pedals

The pedals on this bike are cage-shaped, offering a safe and secure way to exercise intensely. There are adjustment straps as well, ensuring that the cages fit snugly to your shoes to decrease slipping while using the bike.

Tablet mount

Want to follow along with your favourite workout show? Use the tablet mount to keep your iPad or smartphone in front of you, allowing you to learn from the best as you work out.

What sets the CHAOKE Exercise Bike apart?

The CHAOKE Exercise Bike features a sleek, quiet design that won’t drown out anything you’re listening to during your workout. The thick steel frame can support vigorous activity with a 300-pound weight limit, and the seat can easily be adjusted forward or backward, or raised and lowered.

  • Quiet Operation
  • Thick steel frame
  • Easy seat adjustment

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How to choose a stationary bike in Canada

The great thing about stationary bikes is the versatility in price, ability, and features that they offer. Below, we’ll go over some of the features that you might encounter while searching for a stationary bike.

What to look for in a stationary bike

A stationary bike in Canada can be a huge investment in your fitness, so it’s important to consider certain features before you make a purchase. Stationary bikes have a wealth of different capacities, options, and use cases. Knowing what you’re looking for can help you make an informed decision.

However, you should first consider how you’ll use the bike. If you’re using it to warm up as part of your everyday routine, you might not want all of the fancy features that some models offer. Instead, go for options that are sturdy, reliable, and low-tech to help get your workout started.

If you are planning to use the bike seriously (or daily), there are other features to consider. How long will the bike last? Does it have features that you’ll find yourself using every day? Can the tension be increased to help you improve your stamina and overall fitness level?

Before you decide on a stationary bike, you should also consider the following features and options.

Type of tension

How the bike deals with tension can determine how effective your workout will be. Tension is important, as ramping up the tension can help increase your strength and make your workout even better for you.

There are a few different types of tension represented on our list.

  • Magnetic resistance. Magnetic resistance is created by magnets on either side of the flywheel. The magnets move closer to the wheel when the tension is increased and move further from it when tension is decreased. A tension knob controls cables, which control the locations of the magnets. This is a more advanced system that often has more tension levels.
  • Belt or strap resistance. Older and less expensive bikes may use a belt-driven tension system. Brakes situated along the belt create resistance when you turn the knob, leading to belt drag and increasing tension on the pedals. The more tension you add, the more force it takes to keep the pedals turning.
  • Brake-based. A brake-based tension system uses a brake pad to press down on the flywheel. When you adjust the tension, the brake pad presses down or lets up, increasing or decreasing friction as it goes. These brake-based systems are simple, but they produce some great tension options.

Magnetic resistance is generally quieter than the other two. However, you should choose the type of tension that works best for you. There is no right answer here. Magnetic tension is smoother and allows for a quicker transition. The other types of resistance create more friction, leading to harder resistance and fewer tension levels.

Tension levels

Tension levels increase the difficulty of your workout. No tension will be a free pedalling mode that isn’t difficult at all. However, the more tension you add, the more effective your workout can be. A bike with more tension levels helps to increase your workout over time. For example, if the 10th tension level is difficult right now, you can work to get better at it. As your legs get stronger, you can move on to higher tension levels without a problem.

Keep an eye on the number of tension levels that the bike offers. If possible, choose the bike with the most tension levels. Go with 100 levels if possible, but 35 is the minimum you should choose for intense workouts.


Most stationary bikes have a display. Displays may be standard LCDs, backlit LCDs, or tablet-like touchscreen consoles. The type of display can drive up the price of the stationary bike, but the best displays will have the most versatility.

A standard LCD or backlit LCD may display your fitness plan, track metrics like calories burned, distance, and speed, and keep you up to date with your progress over time.

A touchscreen console may offer access to streaming services, fitness apps, and more. Choosing a bike with a console is a great solution for your media needs while working out. However, if your bike lacks a dedicated console, you may be able to use your tablet or smart device (provided that it has WiFi).


Tracking metrics can be extremely useful in tracking your fitness progress. Some simpler bikes won’t save this data. However, if you’re using your bike with a fitness app, they might track certain metrics like heart rate, distance, speed, and calories burned. This is useful in seeing how you’re doing over some time.

All of these metrics are useful in some capacity. The more things that a bike tracks while you work out, the more useful the information will be for your overall fitness plan.

At the bare minimum, a bike with tracking capabilities should keep track of your heart rate, speed, distances, calories burned, and time.

Heart rate monitors

A heart rate monitor can track the most effective part of your workouts. When your heart rate is up, you are burning more calories than in periods of rest – and getting your heart pumping is one of the best ways to stay fit. Monitoring your heart rate can inform you of the best parts of your workout.

There are generally two types of modern heart rate monitors.

  • Handlebar monitors. Used in most gym equipment (especially on commercial machines), handlebar monitors are silver strips that detect your pulse in your palms. Placing your palms against the metal allows the machine to get a read on your heart rate.
  • Bluetooth bands. New technology allows machines to connect to Bluetooth fitness bands. These unique bands are sold with the equipment. Simply wearing it on your arm or wrist is enough to send your heart rate information to your machine.

Handlebar monitors can be a pain (especially if you want to move freely while working out). However, they are the easiest way to obtain your heart rate information, particularly if your bike doesn’t connect to Bluetooth.

Adjustable components

Stationary bikes are not one-size-fits-all. If you are a shorter user (or a taller one), you might find that most standard bikes are either too tall or too short to accommodate you. Thankfully, most stationary bikes today use adjustable components. In some cases, you can adjust the seat and the handlebars to find a comfortable workout position.

If you’re under 5’7” or over 6’1”, consider choosing a bike that has multiple levels of seat adjustment. You want a seat that can be raised, lowered, and move back and forth to get closer to the handlebars.

Likewise, handlebars should adjust forward, backward, up, and down to ensure that they can accommodate the broadest demographic of users. Some stationary bikes advertise the adjustment heights for each of their adjustable components. Make sure to check those out if you think you might need to adjust either part of the bike.


Outside of adjustability, the seat is an important part of your bike. You want the seat to be comfortable. If it’s not comfortable (and it often leaves you sore), you won’t want to use the bike as often. Choose a bike with a wide, comfortable seat. Regardless of your preferences, you can’t go wrong with a bigger seat.

Beware of bikes with hard plastic seats, as they can often make the experience of using your bike unpleasant.

Weight limit

A bike’s weight limit isn’t a suggestion. It’s a hard limit that ensures that the bike remains safe to use. Each bike has a suggested weight limit, and you should go with a bike that will work for your body type. If multiple members of your family are going to be using the bike, consider their weights as well.

Adhering to the weight limit on each bike is one way to ensure that you are using the equipment safely and effectively. Most of the bikes on our list have a weight limit of around 300 pounds, but you should examine each bike to make sure that the requirements are right for you.

Bluetooth connectivity

When your bike connects to Bluetooth, you’ll gain access to a world of goal tracking, streaming, and more. Connect your favourite smart device to the bike and use your chosen fitness app to keep track of each workout session. Track your distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burned over time. As you improve, you’ll start to see a difference!

Bluetooth can also make your workouts a little more fun. Some bikes use Bluetooth speakers to help play your music, and some even have touchscreen console displays. Here, you can stream your favourite music and connect to streaming services you already pay for.

Keep in mind that stationary bikes with Bluetooth connectivity are more expensive than ones without, so you’ll be paying quite a bit for this feature. Still, it’s nice to have your bike do all the work for you!

Workout applications

There are several workout apps that you can purchase memberships for. These memberships often include perks like personally guided fitness routines, on-demand workout videos and classes, trails and virtual tours to keep you pedalling, and music stations to help stimulate your workout.

Some bikes only work with certain fitness applications, so make sure that you check if your bike is compatible. A stationary bike has to have Bluetooth capabilities to be able to track your progress via a workout app, regardless of what app you choose.

The most popular app is JRNY, which offers all of the features we mentioned above. Peloton is usually used with Peloton equipment, but some bikes can use it too. If you have other Peloton pieces, choose a bike that’s compatible with the same software. Finally, you can find some bikes that can easily use the Zwift app.

If you don’t already have a subscription to any of these applications, look into each one and choose the option that works well for you. Some bikes come with free memberships for a certain length of time, so take advantage of those trials to try out different workout apps.


The pedals on your stationary bike will keep you moving, so you need the best. Cage pedals are the best options here. They keep your feet from slipping off of the pedal, ensuring that you don’t have to pause your workout for anything.

Pedals with adjustable straps or adjustable cages are ideal. Different types of workout shoes may have different shapes, so choosing a pedal that adjusts to your foot is the safest, most convenient option.

Space requirements

Not every home gym is large enough to hold all of your equipment. For this reason, it’s important to choose a bike that will fit into your space. If all else fails, you can choose a bike that folds down and can roll away, giving you extra room when you need it.

Choose a bike that isn’t too big for your space. Check the dimensions and make sure that there will be plenty of room around the bike for a proper workout.

Additional attachments

Today, stationary exercise bikes are more than just pedalling machines. There are so many different mounts, attachments, and places to put auxiliary equipment.

Most bikes today have at least one bottle holder for your favourite water bottle. They also usually come with a device holder. If the bike can be used with fitness apps like Peloton, JRNY, and Zwift, they might have a device mount so you can easily attach your smart devices.

Some stationary bikes have dumbbell holders! While these usually only hold weights of 2 or 3 pounds, it’s a great way to get your arm muscles warmed up for your exercise, and save time on busy days.

Frame materials

While the frame of your stationary bike might be one of the last things you look for, it’s still important. The stronger the frame, the more weight the bike can hold. A stronger frame won’t get wobbly when you get into the most vigorous parts of your exercise routine, either. When you’re looking for a stationary bike, choose a frame that’s made of thick steel – the thicker, the better.


A stationary bike would be right at home in your residential workout space. There are many models and options to choose from, so remember to keep the features above in mind. Decide what you want from your bike and what features you’ll use before you shop for one. The best stationary bikes in Canada are on our list, and we’re sure you’ll find your next piece of home exercise equipment here.