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A paddle board is one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor equipment you can own. You can use it to float, surf, do yoga, and do a dozen other water-based activities. Not all paddle boards are created equal, so it’s important to choose the best inflatable paddle board to get the job done. That’s where we come in.

We’ve put together this list of the best inflatable paddle boards in Canada to help you decide. Every one of these boards would make an excellent companion on all of your paddle boarding trips!

Best inflatable paddle boards in Canada

Best overall: Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

No matter what type of paddle board activities you enjoy, you need equipment that’s going to perform well. The Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board features a heavy-duty, durable PVC construction with advanced drop stitch technology. Under high pressure and full inflation, this paddle board will maintain its shape without leaks.

You can get it set up quickly, too. The pump included with the paddle board allows you to inflate it in as little as five minutes. You’ll be able to spend more time having fun and less time worrying about inflating your board. It also deflates quickly, so you can easily pack it away when it’s time to go.

The surface of the paddle board features a non-slip design that allows you to stay standing for all of your activities. The design is textured and features grooves that prevent your feet from sliding around. This feature, combined with its 11’ length, makes this board great for SUP yoga, surfing, and more.

When you order the Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, you’ll get the storage backpack, ankle leash, manual pump, three differently-sized fins, a repair kit, and a fibreglass paddle. It has a weight capacity of around 350 pounds. No matter how you plan to use this paddle board, it’s a great all-around board!

Features of the Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

5 minute setup

This Runwave paddle board inflates quickly and easily. The included manual pump helps you get set up and ready to go in five minutes, giving you more time on the water.

Non-slip design

The design on the deck creates a non-slip surface, so it’s easy to stay standing no matter what type of paddle boarding activity you are interested in.

Accessories included

The Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes with a storage backpack, ankle leash, high-pressure manual pump, three fins, a paddle, and a repair kit with instructions. You’ll have everything you need to begin your adventure.

What sets the Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board apart?

The Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board makes it easy to enjoy your favourite paddle board activities. The high-quality PVC construction is lightweight but impact-resistant, so it handles well even in bumpy waters. This is in part due to the advanced drop stitch technology, which allows the board to maintain its shape when inflated and adds additional structural integrity. The double-deck valve prevents air leaks and keeps water from getting into the board, so it stays inflated.

  • High-quality PVC construction
  • Advanced drop stitch technology
  • Double-deck valve

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Best storage pack: iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Paddle Board

Getting your board from the car to the water can be a pain. If you’re hiking with your board, it’s even more of an inconvenience. The iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Paddle Board comes with one of the best storage packs on our list for paddle boards in Canada. All of the included accessories fit inside the bag with the deflated board, making it easy to transport everything you need.

This premium storage pack has attachable wheels, too. You can use it with the wheels or without, which is ideal to change it up for different terrains. The ankle leash, fibreglass padded, pump, and additional fins fit nicely inside with the board.

There are two available heights for this board. You can get the 10’6” length for yoga or casual surfing, or the 11’6” option for touring and other, faster activities. Both are medium sizes that work well for a range of activities.

The fibreglass paddle that comes with this board can even be transformed into a kayak paddle. You’ll just need another paddle blade, which easily is attached to the other end. It’s versatile and easy to use for whatever activity you prefer. This board comes in four different colour combinations and has a weight limit of 240 pounds.

Features of the iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Paddle Board

Two available heights

You can get this iROCKER paddle board in two different lengths. The 10’6” length is perfect for SUP yoga, whereas the 11’6” option makes it a fast board for touring activities.

Premium storage pack

When you order the iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Paddle Board, you’ll receive a premium carry bag. You can attach the optional wheels to make travelling with your board a little easier. Every accessory that comes with your board will fit inside this pack, and there is plenty of space for additional gear.

Fibreglass paddle included

Fibreglass paddles are easier to use and lighter to carry. The premium paddle that comes with this board is lightweight fibreglass. You can even purchase an additional blade to convert it to a kayak paddle.

Accessory bundle

In addition to the storage pack, you’ll get a hand pump, 17 D-rings, 3 removable fins, an ankle leash, and an EVA deck pad with this inflatable paddle board. You’ll have all of the accessories you need to get started right away.

What sets the iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Paddle Board apart?

The iROCKER Nautical Inflation Paddle Board is a quality board with a durable design. It comes in four different colour combinations (though most include a shade of blue). It’s compatible with action mounts, which means you can place your Go Pro, Selfie Stick, or another device right on the board. The dual bungies on the front and rear make it easy to carry everything you need and move the board easily.

  • Four available colour combinations
  • Compatible with action mounts
  • Dual bungies on front and rear

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Best weight limit: FAYEAN Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

While some inflatable paddle boards have a lower weight limit, the FAYEAN Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board has one of the highest weight limits on our list. Pros can even exceed the 450-pound weight limit, making this board more accessible for a wider range of people.

The board itself only weighs 20.5 pounds and includes a sturdy built-in carrying handle. This makes it easier to transport the board in and out of the water. It also gives you a convenient place to hold onto when you’re using the board in the water.

The triple fin design keeps the board manageable, with better handling and more stability. These fins are durable and detachable, so you can remove them for different activities. A high-pressure spring valve at the back of the board keeps it inflated and reduces the chance of water leaking into the interior. Besides this, the construction is durable, with heavy-duty PVC and a drop stitched core to help maintain shape.

Altogether, this inflatable paddle board by FAYEAN has a host of features and options that are great for most paddle board enthusiasts. It comes with all of the necessary accessories, including an ankle leash, manual pump, repair kit, a waterproof phone case, storage bag, and a durable oar with an extending handle.

Features of the FAYEAN Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Built-in carrying handle

The carrying handle right on the side of the FAYEAN paddle board makes it easy to keep hold of the board. It makes it easy to move the board once it’s inflated, and provides a handhold once you’re out on the water.

High-pressure spring valve

The high-pressure spring valve at the rear of the board helps you inflate and deflate the board quickly. This valve also prevents water from getting to the interior of the board, so it lasts longer and stays inflated.

Triple fin design

Three removable fins provide more maneuverability and stability. Remove them for different activities, but keep them close in case you need that extra performance boost.

450 pound weight limit

This board can hold up to 450 pounds, which is one of the highest weight limits on our list. However, FAYEAN states that experienced riders may be able to safely exceed this limit.

What sets the FAYEAN Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board apart?

This paddle board by FAYEAN comes with all of the essential accessories you’ll need to get started, including a coiled ankle leash, a durable oar with extending handle, a manual air pump, a repair kit, waterproof phone case, and storage bag. The board itself is made of durable PVC with a drop-stitch core for added strength. At 10’5” high, you can use this board for most all-around activities, including SUP yoga and surfing.

  • Essential accessories included
  • Durable design
  • 10’5” height

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Best lightweight: SereneLife Premium Inflatable Paddle Board

When you’re moving an inflated paddle board around, it’s important to choose one that’s not so heavy. The SereneLife Premium Inflatable Paddle Board only weighs 19.6 pounds, much less than some of the other boards on our list. You’ll be able to move it around easily using the built-in handle, too.

The extra-wide design of this inflatable paddle board helps to give it extra stability. With the 32” width, it’s nearly as stable as a solid paddle board. It’s easy to balance on top of the board, so beginners and users of any skill level will find this board is great for them.

The removable fins on the bottom increase the handling, making it easy for beginners to get the hang of paddle boarding. Steering is easy when you use the aluminum paddle included with the board. When you order this board, you’ll also get an ankle leash, air pump, waterproof storage bag, phone case, and repair kit.

The UV-resistant coating and non-slip deck pad help make this board a great choice for casual users as well as experienced paddle boarding enthusiasts. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and its 10’6” length makes it ideal for light activities. It’s a durable board that you can take with you on all of your paddle boarding adventures.

Features of the SereneLife Premium Inflatable Paddle Board

Extra wide design

This inflatable paddle board is an extra-wide 32”, which means you’ll have a better time balancing on top of the board. This extra width makes it just as stable as a solid paddle board.

Triple fin maneuverability

Three fins on the bottom of the board help keep this board easy to use. These fins help you handle the board a little better, improve steering, and more. They can be removed if you want a different experience.

Lightweight option

While most other inflatable paddle boards on our list weigh more than 20 pounds, the SereneLife board only weighs 19.6 pounds. Despite the wider design, this board is easier to transport while it’s inflated than other models we’ve looked at.

What sets the SereneLife Premium Inflatable Paddle Board apart?

The SereneLife Premium Inflatable Paddle Board tries to improve your user experience in every possible way. The large, non-slip deck pad is more comfortable than other boards, with padding and a uniquely textured surface. The board itself has a UV-resistant coating as well, so you don’t have to worry about the colourful design fading over time.

  • Non-slip deck pad
  • UV resistant coating
  • Unique, colourful design

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Best for touring: BRIGHT BLUE Reinforced Double Layer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Paddle boards meant for touring are often longer, have a higher weight limit, and allow you to store more gear while you’re paddling. Bright Blue’s Reinforced Double Layer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board offers all of this and more, making it ideal for long trips, tours, and more.

The three-fin design on the bottom of the board gives you better handling, but the middle fin can be removed for larger bodies of water. Two bungee storage areas (one on each end) give you plenty of room for all of your extra gear, ensuring that your trip can last as long as you want it to. The 325-pound weight limit gives you greater flexibility, too.

In addition, this paddle board offers increased durability with its double-layer design. There are two fusion layers, surrounded by a rigid outer rail. The inside of the board features a drop-stitch construction, allowing the board to stay rigid and keep your board inflated through the roughest waters.

You can get this board in four bright colours, so you can choose the one that you like best. You don’t have to settle for a single colour, either – they’re all the same great price.

Features of the BRIGHT BLUE Reinforced Double Layer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Double layer construction

This inflatable paddle board by Bright Blue offers a rigid double-layer construction, which uses two layers of fusion materials to create a hard, durable exterior shell. Inside is an X-woven drop stitch surrounded by a tough outer rail. Together, these components ensure that your board is stable at all times.

Large storage backpack

When you’re ready to go home after a long day on the water, it’s simple to deflate your paddle board and store it in the included storage pack. All of the accessories will fit into this pack, including the hand pump, detachable fin, coil ankle leash, and aluminum paddle.

Perfect for touring

At 11’6”, this inflatable paddle board is perfect for touring. It’s fast, easy to steer, and suited for all of your extra gear.

What sets the BRIGHT BLUE Reinforced Double Layer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board apart?

Bright Blue’s Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes in four colours. Each colour is distinct and vibrant, so you can choose the one that best suits you. The weight limit is one of the highest on our list. This paddle board can hold up to 325 pounds and two riders when fully inflated to the recommended 15 PSI.

  • Four available colours
  • 325-pound weight limit

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Best for beginners: CalmMax Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Beginners need an inflatable paddle board that can be used for a variety of activities. Mid-sized and shorter boards allow for better maneuverability and handling. The CalmMax Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board measures 10’6” high, which is just enough to be considered a mid-sized board. The shorter height makes it easy for beginners to get started in any recreation that requires a paddle board.

This board is extremely durable. It can take abuse from rougher waters and more wipeouts than similar inflatable paddle boards due to the military-grade PVC exterior. Inside, drop stitching and extra rails help the board maintain its durability and its shape. A laminated finish with UV-resistant coating ensures that the design never fades.

When you receive the CalmMax Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, you’ll also get all of the accessories you need to get started with basic paddle boarding. You’ll get an adjustable aluminum paddle, a manual pump, a repair kit, a removable fin, a travelling storage pack, and a waterproof bag to keep everything dry.

If you’re just getting started in the world of paddle boarding, this paddle board can help. It comes at a great price for all of the accessories that come with it!

Features of the CalmMax Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

All-around functionality

The 10’6” height of this paddle board makes it great for most types of paddle board activities. It can help you fish, surf, explore, and do your SUP yoga routine, too.

Perfect height for beginners

Because this is a medium-sized inflatable paddle board, it’s great for beginners that want to experience everything the sport has to offer. It’s easier to maneuver than taller boards and can be used in a wider range of activities.

Durable construction

The CalmMax Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is made of military-grade PVC, reinforced with two layers of rails to ensure that the board stays rigid and stands up to rough conditions.

What sets the CalmMax Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board apart?

The CalmMax Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the perfect choice for enthusiasts at all skill levels. It’s made of durable materials, reinforced with a drop-stitch core that helps it keep its shape and resist punctures. The laminated finish also helps it resist any sort of damage. It’s ideal for any paddle boarding activity.

  • Reinforced with drop stitching
  • Laminated finish

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How to choose the best inflatable paddle board in Canada

An inflatable paddle board is great for a range of different activities, including some you might not have tried before. Here is how (and why) we chose the inflatable boards on our list.

Why choose an inflatable paddle board?

When it comes to paddle boards, you have a couple of different choices. Rigid (or solid) paddle boards are usually made of EPS foam and fibreglass. They are lightweight, offer good performance, and offer unbeatable stability.

However, an inflatable board has its benefits. Some of them may outweigh the slight difference in performance. Of course, it depends on what you’re looking for. An inflatable board offers increased portability. They are generally even more lightweight than rigid boards. When deflated, they take up much less room.

In fact, inflatable paddle boards are better for hiking trips and travelling, as they can be rolled up and stored easily. Inflatable options are also better for rapids and areas with rocks and falls. They will often absorb impact, suffering less damage in the process in these rougher areas.

Additionally, they have a softer surface that may be more comfortable for activities like yoga.

Before deciding on an inflatable paddle board, consider the following:

  • How often will it be used? Inflatable boards are better for occasional use and hobby boarding rather than daily use.
  • Where will you use it? Most paddle boards can be used anywhere. However, inflatable boards are better for areas with a higher rate of impact, such as rocky rapids.
  • What will you be doing with it? An inflatable board is best for long hiking trips due to the space-saving nature of a deflated board. They’re better for some tracking activities, as well as yoga.

Here are some of the things we looked at when compiling our list of the best inflatable paddle boards in Canada.


The length, or height, of the board, is one of the most important factors to look at. When you know what you want to do with the board, the length can determine if a board is right for you.

  • 10 feet and under. These shorter boards are ideal for surfing. Beginners find these easier to use, and they are the ideal paddle boards for children.
  • 10 to 12 feet. Medium-height boards are good for yoga, but they can be used for just about any use you can think of.
  • 12 feet and up. These boards are great for long-distance use, including touring. They are faster than other boards, so they are ideal when speed is required.

Evaluate how you will be using the board and your skill level. Choose a board based on these factors.


The width of the board often determines how stable it is. In activities where you’ll be standing on the board (or changing positions, like in SUP yoga), width is important. The wider the board, the more stable it is.

Outside of the activities, you’ll be doing, you also want to consider how experienced you are and your body type. Slimmer boarders with more experience can generally get away with a narrower board. However, beginners usually want to choose the widest board possible.

Wider boards aren’t as fast as their narrow counterparts, but they require less balance than narrower boards.


The thickness of the paddle board affects two features: volume and weight capacity. Simply put, a thicker board is more durable. Thicker boards have a higher weight capacity and volume, making them best for boarders with cargo or multiple riders. A 6” thickness can usually support the most weight without losing any speed.

Most inflatable paddle boards have a weight range between 250 and 500 pounds. After the weight limit has been reached, using the paddle board becomes more dangerous. It’s not recommended to exceed the recommended weight limit unless you are an expert.


The fins can make a huge difference for your inflatable paddle board. Most of the time, these fins will be removable (or at least one of them will be). Consider the number of fins and the fin configuration.

  • One Fin. A single fin is good for flatwater paddling. It reduces drag so the board moves faster, making it ideal for touring boards as well.
  • 3 Fins. The triple-fin configuration is best for control. It’s good for surfing, tracking, and surfing. It’s best for going straight on flat stretches of water.
  • 2+1 Fins. A larger center fin dominates this configuration, with a smaller fin to each side. Surfing paddle boards utilize this configuration best.


The paddle is one of the most important parts of your paddle board. Inflatable paddle boards usually come with an aluminum or plastic paddle. These paddles are great for beginners, and they are less expensive than fibreglass paddles.

However, you may want to switch to a fibreglass paddle if you go out on your board a lot. Fibreglass is more expensive. It’s also a bit firmer and weighs less than plastic or aluminum. Of course, carbon fibre paddles are best for experienced users. Carbon fibre paddles don’t usually come with paddle boards, so you’ll have to purchase a suitable option separately.


Durability may be a concern with an inflatable paddle board. However, they may be more durable than rigid options in certain circumstances. While a puncture can ruin an inflatable paddle board, they aren’t as susceptible to damage caused by impact.

If you’re using your paddle boards on rapids, rocky terrain, or over falls, you’ll want an inflatable option. Choose one made with durable PVC, preferably reinforced with a drop-stitch technique. This technique helps the board maintain its shape when inflated, making it harder to puncture the surface.

If durability is a concern for you, you might want to choose a board with a double rail on the sides. The side of the board is often a failure point, so choose one that is as reinforced as possible in this area.


Inflatable paddle boards come with a host of accessories, all of which are essential to your experience. Here are just some of the accessories that you might find with your board.

  • Storage packs. A storage pack is made to hold the board, any accessories that come with it, and even some additional gear. These packs are large but lightweight. Some come with attachable wheels. Either way, they help you transport your board and everything you need without inflating the board first.
  • Ankle leashes. An ankle leash ensures that your board doesn’t float away if you wipe out while surfing, or fall off while you’re exploring. It’s essential to attach and use the ankle leash if you’re doing anything more than leisurely paddling.
  • Repair kits. A repair kit can come in handy if your inflatable paddle board manages to get scratched or punctured. Keep these on hand so your trip isn’t ruined.
  • Manual pumps. Most pumps that come with inflatable paddle boards are high-volume pumps that are easy to use. The pump that came with your board will be the best option for inflating it, and will often inflate your board quickly.
  • Paddles. As mentioned above, a fibreglass paddle is preferred. Still, aluminum or plastic paddles aren’t bad. The important thing to look for is a paddle that can be extended with a handle.
  • Phone protectors. Some boards come with waterproof phone protectors. These can be useful if they fit your phone, as they offer additional protection against the elements. You want one of these, so definitely get one with the board if you can.
  • Action mounts. If you want to attach a Go Pro or another attachment to your board, it’s important to choose one with an action mount. It’s difficult to modify the board to include on after the fact, so take this into account before you make a purchase.


Before you purchase an inflatable paddle board, make sure that you take all of these features and options into account. Choose the board that best suits your lifestyle, including the types of activities you’ll be using it for. The design, length, and weight capacity of the board are all very important factors, so don’t forget to check them out before you decide on an inflatable paddle board. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect paddle board in Canada for your next trip on our list.