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Beat the crowds and work out whenever you want with a home gym! Each home gym should be customized to your lifestyle, fitness choices, and more. That’s the beauty of putting together a home gym – it’s perfect for you! While home gyms may vary, some of the core machines stay the same for most of them.

We’ve put together this list of the best home gym equipment in Canada. These essential machines can be used as building blocks to fully develop your home gym!

Best home gym equipment in Canada

Best overall: Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

When you have limited space in your home gym, an all-in-one machine can be exactly what you need. They’re a little pricey, but they offer a host of exercises that other machines may not provide. The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym includes plenty of customization options to create a potent and powerful workout environment.

With the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym, you can work nearly every muscle group. There are over 70 exercises available, making it perfect for rounding out your fitness at any level. All of the options are customizable, including upgradable tension and weight options for those that need them. Other attachments include crunches, squat bars, and a variety of different ab workout options.

Regardless of how you choose to use it, you’ll have access to seven built-in workout regimens developed by personal trainers. Let these options guide you. They can be extremely helpful when you’re just starting, or if you need a little boost to your regular workout.

Other features include leg extensions, squat pulleys, and a lat tower. The inclusion of all of these features in one machine makes it extremely useful at every level.

One of the largest benefits of using this Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym is the removal of the cable changing system. Most home gyms require you to change the cables when you switch between exercises, which can create lulls where your heart rate decreases. Fortunately, this home gym doesn’t make you change cables, leading to a longer and more sustained workout overall.

Features of the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

No cable changes needed

Other home gym machines may require you to pause and change cables when switching between workouts. This Bowflex home gym system makes it easy and fast to switch positions and muscle groups. It doesn’t require you to change the cables, leading to a smoother workout.

Attachments included

In addition to all the exercise options available with this Bowflex home gym, you’ll receive a squat bar and an ab crunch shoulder harness to help elevate your workouts. Not included (but available) are attachments for preacher curls and gym-style ab crunches.

Built-in workout programs

Included in the manual are instructions for 7 free workout regimens. These are built by experienced personal trainers to help you make the most of your Bowflex home gym. Workouts include 20-minute sessions for the upper body, lower body, and better body, as well as bodybuilding, true aerobic, anaerobic circuit training, and strength training. There’s something for everyone!

70+ exercise capabilities

All of the bands, attachments, and equipment included with this home gym enable you to perform more than 70 different exercises, working tons of different muscle groups in the process.

4-position squat station

Worried about your squats? This 4-position pully system presents the perfect opportunity for working on your lower body muscles.

What sets the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym apart?

The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym is a great addition to your home gym. It allows you to complete over 70 different workouts, with options for most major muscle groups. If that’s not enough, there are a host of different attachments and extensions that are available to take this machine to the next level. You can even upgrade the weight and resistance systems if needed. We are especially impressed with the leg extension mode, which can help with leg-specific strength training.

  • Upgradable weight and resistance systems
  • Leg extension mode
  • Complete workout
  • Optional attachments and extensions

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Best rowing machine: Echelon Smart Rowing Machine

A rowing machine can be a great addition to your home gym. With a rowing machine, you can work your arms, shoulders, and a variety of other muscle groups. The Echelon Smart Rowing Machine (or Echelon Row) boasts a full 32 different resistant levels, giving you options for improvement over time.

Some rowing machines can be uncomfortable to sit on, use, and work out with. However, the Echelon Smart Rowing Machine is as comfortable as they come. The ergonomic seat emphasizes your comfort as you work out, which can reduce machine fatigue. You won’t be hesitant to return to this rowing machine.

Further, the machine is angled at 1.7 degrees. This is enough to provide the optimal rowing position. Overall, this incline means less muscle strain and a more effective workout. You don’t have to worry about leaning up to change the settings, either; the handlebar controls easily adjust the tension without forcing you to move to do it. It’s a simpler system that allows for better control and a smoother workout transition.

This rowing machine is also foldable. You won’t struggle to find a home for a permanent setup in larger home gyms. Just fold it down and put it away when you’re done. If that’s not convenient enough, consider that the Echelon Row is nearly silent during operation, so you can work out at any time of the day or night without disturbing your home.

The Echelon Row is Bluetooth enabled and must be connected to the Echelon United app. To help facilitate this requirement, this model includes a smart device mount. While other models include a screen, this feature allows you to provide your own. The mount swivels in every direction, making it ideal for workouts throughout your space.

Features of the Echelon Smart Rowing Machine

Handlebar controls

The controls embedded in the handlebars allow you to change the tension, adjusting it up or down without interrupting your strokes.

Ergonomic seat

The ergonomic seat is shaped perfectly to make the Echelon Smart Rowing machine exceedingly comfortable. You won’t get fatigued on this seat, so you can indulge in longer workouts without being uncomfortable.

1.7-degree angle

The slight angle of this rowing machine puts you in the optimal position to complete your rows, leading to a more effective workout with less adjustment.

Device mount

The Echelon Smart Rowing Machine doesn’t use a bulky touchscreen to control the settings. Instead, you can mount your device on the screen mount, giving you room to watch or listen to whatever you want as you work out. This mount swivels as well, adding the option to work out in other parts of the room, too.

32 resistance levels

This rowing machine includes settings for up to 32 unique and comprehensive resistant levels. You can increase the resistance over time as you improve, or slow it down for a nice cool-down session.

What sets the Echelon Smart Rowing Machine apart?

The Echelon Row works silently, creating the perfect workout environment for your home. You won’t have to worry about vibration or loud noises while using the machine, so you won’t disturb anyone. You can integrate this rowing machine with the Echelon United app, which allows you to control certain options and workouts. The machine is Bluetooth compatible, too. When you’re done working out on this bulky machine, you can fold it down and store it out of sight.

  • Silent operation
  • App integration
  • Foldable design

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Best dumbbells: Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a staple in any home gym, but having the right dumbbells for different types of workouts requires a lot of extra space. Adjustable dumbbells don’t take up nearly as much space. Having several different traditional dumbbells takes up a lot of your gym. The Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells, on the other hand, have a smaller footprint and offer a large weight range.

You can adjust these dumbbells from 5 pounds to 52 pounds. This is done with the turn of a dial, so you don’t have to unscrew weight plates or manually thread them onto the dumbbell bar. Instead, simply place the dumbbell bar in the indicated location on the tray. When you set weight, the appropriate plates will click into place, allowing you to quickly and easily change options.

Changing the plates is a quiet process. Unlike other dumbbells that clang loudly when you change plates (no matter how you change them), this set operates quietly due to a moulding added to the plates. This moulding creates a buffer between each metal plate, making them quieter and safer.

These are a great option for those who want to weight train. Even if you start at the lowest setting, you can adjust them in increments as you get stronger. Until you can easily lift 52 pounds on each dumbbell, you won’t have to purchase additional options.

This weight range replaces about 15 standard sets of dumbbells. By choosing an adjustable model, you are saving a ton of space. Smaller home gyms benefit the most from adjustable dumbbells, but even the largest gyms can save room for other equipment or accessories.

Features of the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Large weight range

While some adjustable dumbbells have small weight ranges, the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells adjust from 5 to 52 pounds. You won’t need to invest in any other dumbbells in that weight range, which is great for your wallet.

Simple dial-a-weight design

To change the weight of each dumbbell, you must place the weights into the tray. Turn the dial to select the new weight you want to lift, and the appropriate weights will lock onto the dumbbell bar. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to screw on weights or stoppers, and the adjustment is quiet.

Saves space

These adjustable dumbbells have an incredibly low profile, so you can store them in a much smaller space. This is ideal for smaller home gyms, where having multiple sets of dumbbells for different weights could take up a lot of space.

What sets the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells apart?

The Bowflex SelectTech line of adjustable dumbbells saves you space, time, and money. This set does just that! There are 15 different weight settings, allowing you to replace 15 sets of standard dumbbells. When you change the plates, they don’t clang around inside. Your plate changes will be

  • Replaces 15 sets of dumbbells
  • Quiet weight change
  • Great for progressive strength training

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Best exercise bike: Bowflex C6 Bike

The Bowflex C6 is an advanced exercise bike that is packed with features. Everything you could want in an upright stationary bike is represented here, including 100 resistance levels and app integration with JRNY.

This bike uses magnetic resistance, which is smoother and quieter than other types of resistance or tension. Magnetic bikes tend to last longer and don’t need a lot of maintenance, unlike bikes that use other types of tension or resistance systems.

Simply put, this bike feels much nicer to use than other upright bikes might. The seat is adjustable, so you can find the most comfortable angle for you. There’s no need to struggle with an uncomfortable bike. The handlebars are also adjustable, so you can avoid unnecessary discomfort.

You’ll find a heart rate monitor feature on the Bowflex C6 bike. Unlike other bikes that use monitors in the handlebars, this bike is seamlessly connected with a Bluetooth armband. This allows for constant feedback that you can see on the screen without trying to find a comfortable position.

All of the information collected by the Bluetooth heart monitor is sent to the bike, where it is displayed on the backlit LCD console. This display also keeps track of common metrics such as time, calories burned, and distance travelled.

The information is also sent to your smart device via the JRNY app. When you purchase this bike, you’ll get a year of the JRNY service free. This membership allows you to access workout videos on demand, track your progress over time, and visual biking trails to experience. Sliding your tablet or smartphone into the device mount enhances the experience.

This bike even includes two three-pound dumbbells to help you work all of your major muscle groups while you ride. The Bowflex C6 Bike has thought of everything for your workout experience.

Features of the Bowflex C6 Bike

100 magnetic resistance levels

The Bowflex C6 Bike features a full 100 resistance levels, all of which are magnetic. Magnetic tension control is used in high-quality workout bikes. These bikes tend to last longer, run quieter, and require little to no regular maintenance.

Smooth and quiet

Because of the magnetic resistance model, this bike operates quietly and smoothly. You won’t get any jarring motions from the flywheel, and you won’t wake up your entire house while you exercise.

Backlit LCD console

The Bowflex C6 Bike goes the extra mile with its backlit console. Here, you’ll find the standard metric display, including time, calories, level, and more. The information is displayed here in real-time and transferred to your device for viewing later on.

Dumbbells included

This bike comes with a pair of 3-pound dumbbells to increase the effectiveness of your workout. Use these small dumbbells while you’re pedalling to work all of your major muscle groups at once.

Bluetooth heart monitor

This bike has a heart monitor function, but the monitor isn’t located in the handlebars like it is for some other exercise equipment. Instead, your purchase includes a Bluetooth armband that monitors your heart rate and sends the data to your bike and the associated app in real-time.

What sets the Bowflex C6 Bike apart?

The Bowflex C6 Bike is a phenomenal upright exercise bike with lots of resistance modes and programming options. The handlebars are also adjustable for people of different heights and builds. They adjust four ways. You can also adjust the seat for additional comfort, which is especially important on an upright bike. Your purchase of the bike comes with a 1-year JRNY app membership, which includes visual tracks, on-demand classes, advanced tracking, and more.

  • Includes a 1-year JRNY app membership
  • Adjustable seat for additional comfort
  • Adjustable handlebars

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Best treadmill: NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

Treadmills have come a long way over the years. Though they work mostly the same, new models like the NordicTrack T Series Treadmill feature a host of interactive, advanced options to help elevate your workout.

This treadmill will keep you going for a long time, and you won’t easily outgrow it. All but the tallest runners won’t have a problem with this treadmill’s 55-inch belt. This gives you plenty of room for all the workouts you’ll be doing with your iFit membership.

The iFit membership is free with the purchase of the treadmill (for the first month). This app integration isn’t required to use the treadmill, but it does give you access to a complete library of personal training videos. These videos include full-body workouts, exotic locations, studio classes, and more. When working with a personal trainer-led video, your trainer can adjust the speed and incline of your treadmill to match the workout session.

The incline works at precise 10% intervals to help you get the most effective workout possible. When connected with a training video, adjustment is completely touchless. That’s extremely useful when you’ve found your rhythm and you don’t want to slow down to make adjustments.

The FlexSelect Cushioning System used in this treadmill allows you to cushion your steps, protecting your joints from more strenuous, high-impact activities. You can make your steps as soft or hard as you like using the knobs on the side of the track. It’s useful for those who need a low-impact option!

You can see all of your metrics on the 5” integrated display. There is a space to prop up your smartphone or tablet to connect with the iFit app, so it’s easy to watch your workout videos right on your treadmill.

Features of the NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

Folding design

This isn’t a small treadmill by any means. To make sure that your home gym doesn’t get too crowded, you can easily fold this treadmill down and put it away when you aren’t using it.

FlexSelect cushioning system

The unique FlexSelect Cushioning System gives you different surface feel options. You can cushion your steps to protect your joints, or change the cushioning settings to mimic a running track. Whatever option you choose, it’s easy to adjust the cushioning options with knobs on the sides of the track.

Includes iFit membership

iFit is a membership program that includes workout videos, workout videos from around the world, and studio workout classes. The first month of iFit is free when you purchase the treadmill. Unlike other exercise companies, membership is not required to use the treadmill.

Precise incline controls

The incline controls on this NordicTrack treadmill put most others to shame. You can increase or decrease inclines in 10% intervals to match a more intense workout. When you use the iFit app, your trainer can increase your incline and decline throughout the video, giving you a complete and personal experience.

What sets the NordicTrack T Series Treadmill apart?

This NordicTrack treadmill is a great treadmill for joggers, walkers, and everything in between. A host of features make your experience more productive and enjoyable. The 55” belt ensures that all but the tallest of joggers have enough room to get their workout in. While the iFit membership is included for the first month, it’s not required to keep the treadmill running. Finally, the 5” display and tablet integration makes it easy to view training sessions, interact with your trainer, and see your stats.

  • 55” Belt is perfect for running
  • iFit Membership is not required
  • 5” display and tablet integration

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Best elliptical: Bowflex Max Trainer M6

The Bowflex Max Trainer M6 is an elliptical, but it’s much more than that. The unique construction and motion of this machine make it a viable workout for all of your muscle groups. It’s easy to get a complete workout in quickly when you’re using this machine.

There are 16 different resistance levels to help fine-tune your workout to your fitness level. You can challenge yourself and slowly ramp up the difficulty, giving you a clear goal. That’s also more resistance levels than a standard elliptical machine.

While you’re pushing yourself, you can view your metrics with the enhanced console. Here, your burn rate is displayed in a way that’s easy to understand and unique. Meanwhile, the rest of your statistics are displayed on the backlit screen below. You’ll get an at-a-glance representation of how far you’ve come and how effective your workout is.

With the purchase of the Bowflex Max Trainer M6, you’ll receive a year of JRNY membership for free. This membership service is required to access some of the Bowflex features. This app connects to the Bluetooth on your elliptical, transmitting and tracking your progress. You can also access a library of workout videos, training plans, and more.

If your partner, roommate, or other family members regularly uses the machine, you can program a separate user profile for them. Each user can track their progress and keep their individual settings. The Bowflex Max Trainer M6 can connect up to two users.

Features of the Bowflex Max Trainer M6

16 resistance levels

This Bowflex elliptical helps you progress as you continue your fitness journey. 16 resistance levels make the experience progressive, so you can challenge yourself to reach the highest levels over several training sessions. You can increase the resistance on the fly, making it easy to create more challenging routines.

Includes JRNY membership

The Bowflex Max Trainer M6 requires the JRNY membership to use the machine. Thankfully, when you purchase the machine, you’ll get a year of JRNY membership access free. This app tracks your progress, gives you access to workout music and training videos, and has a host of other benefits.

Enhanced metrics display

This elliptical uniquely displays your metrics. Your burn rate is displayed like a car’s speedometer, making it easy to see how effective your workout is at any given moment. Other metrics are displayed on a smaller backlit screen, so you can keep track of everything in one place.

2 user profiles

This machine is great for multiple users. You can connect up to two different user profiles through the JRNY app and Bluetooth. This quickly changes settings, metrics, and tracking for you and a partner.

Unique motion design

Though the Bowflex Max Trainer M6 is technically an elliptical, it boasts a unique motion that you won’t find on most other workout machines. It combines the smooth walking motion of the treadmill with the glide of the elliptical. This creates a unique workout for different muscle groups.

What sets the Bowflex Max Trainer M6 apart?

The Bowflex Max Trainer M6 is unlike any elliptical or treadmill in the Canadian market. Its compact frame makes it an easy fit for the smallest home gyms. A USB charging port and media rack make it easy to listen to your favourite music or watch workout videos from JRNY as you use the machine. Contact grips on a set of stationary handles help monitor your heart rate so you know you’re getting the most effective workout.

  • Compact frame
  • Heart rate handles
  • USB port and media rack

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How to choose the best home gym equipment in Canada

It can be difficult to justify the purchase of a home gym but having one can be a blessing in certain circumstances. Here are the options you should consider as you’re shopping for your home gym equipment.

Why a home gym?

A home gym is undoubtedly more expensive than your gym membership. So why should you bother? Here are some of the benefits of buying home gym equipment.

  • Privacy. Looking awkward while exercising is a real fear for some. Moreover, some people might be afraid of judgment for how they exercise, what they weigh, or how they complete exercises. A home gym allows you to work out without the judgment of strangers.
  • Accessibility. Sometimes the gym isn’t open when you want to get a workout in. In other instances, going to the gym can be nearly impossible (due to weather conditions or other restrictions). Your home gym can be used at any time, and you don’t even have to pay for childcare while you use it.
  • Customization. The gym has machines set up for all types of exercises. But are any of them exactly what you want? With a home gym, you can customize your equipment to fit your needs.
  • Routine. Don’t let the weather, car problems, or a global health crisis interrupt your workout routine. With a home gym, there’s nothing that can get in the way of your workout.
  • Comfort. It’s just more comfortable to exercise at home. It’s the temperature you want, the environment you want, and you can wear whatever you want.

Now that you’ve decided that you want a home gym, what type of setup should you choose?

Home gym setups

There is an endless supply of home gym setups in Canada to choose from. The best setup is the one that you’ll use most often. It’s imperative to choose a setup that fits your circumstances and highlights what type of workout you want to go after.


Before you commit to a home gym setup, consider your goals. Do you want to build muscle, improve health, or lose weight? Perhaps your goals include all these things.

Whatever your goals are, you should consider the best type of exercise for them.

  • Strength Training
  • Cardio
  • Aerobics


How much space do you have for your home gym? If there’s not a lot of room, choose all-in-one machines or smaller options that work well for you. While smaller options might not have the features that full-sized machines do, you should choose machines that align with your goals and fit into smaller spaces.

A larger space is always better for a home gym, as it allows you to add additional equipment over time. You can also use larger machines that target more diverse muscle groups, leading to an all-around better workout. However, even small home gyms can be effective. You just have to be a little more choosey when it comes to your machines and your setup.


Will you be sharing your home gym? Chances are, the space will be utilized by your children, partner, and even roommates. Consider who is going to be using the gym. If multiple people are going to be using the home gym at once, you’ll need a larger space and more diverse equipment. A family gym requires much more than a gym modeled after a single person’s fitness goals.

Current habits

What do your current fitness habits look like? If you have a gym membership and don’t go very often, a home gym can help. However, if you’re already struggling to fit a workout into your daily routine, it might not be the best deal. Consider your current competency level with exercises and whether or not having machines at home will make it easier for you to follow through.

What do you need for a home gym?

The type of equipment your home gym needs is entirely up to you, your fitness routine, and the type of machine you’ll use. The composition can be different for each person based on their setup and the type of exercise they want to do.

Here are just some of the machines you can get for your home gym.


A treadmill can be the perfect tool for warming up or cooling down. Treadmills are one of the largest pieces of home gym equipment, too. When choosing a treadmill, consider the space that you have available. Here are a few other things to watch out for.

  • Belt length. Depending on how you plan to use the treadmill, you might need a different belt length. Walkers should choose a belt length of about 50”, while runners need a 55” belt length. Runners over 6’ tall should go for a belt that is 60” long or more.
  • Features. Always check out a list of the treadmill’s features to determine if it has the functionality you need. Good options to go with are automated workout programs, incline options, heart rate monitors, and calorie tracking.
  • Capacity. Each treadmill has a recommended weight limit, usually ranging from 250 to 400 pounds. If you choose to ignore the capacity warnings, you could get hurt. In other cases, the treadmill may break down if these limits are not observed. Make sure to purchase a treadmill with a high enough weight limit for everyone using it.
  • Portability. It’s important to note that you don’t have to purchase a solid standing treadmill. There are other options, including treadmills that fold down or move easily.

Once you’ve decided on these options, looking for a treadmill can be simple! It’s a great starting point for your home gym and a foundation block towards building better fitness.


Ellipticals are home gym cornerstones. These larger machines can pump up your heart rate and work a completely different set of muscles than treadmills or stair stepping machines. Ellipticals have a host of features and options, so it can be a bit difficult to choose one. Here are some things you should keep in mind as you shop.

  • Stride length. In most cases, an elliptical will allow you to adjust the length of your stride. There may be limits to exactly how adjustable the elliptical is, however. Make sure to check this option before you make a purchase. Choose a stride length that is comfortable for you!
  • Programming. What exercise programs are built-in to the machine if any? The electronic components of your home gym equipment are extremely important accessibility features, so make sure that the elliptical you choose has these settings and that they include what you need.
  • Heart rate monitoring. A heart rate monitor is one of the easiest ways to tell how effective your workout is being. While most ellipticals come with an electronic heart monitoring system, some won’t have this feature. Make sure to confirm if this happens to be something you want.
  • Drive position. The configuration of your elliptical can determine how large it is, how effective it is, and how much noise it makes. Front-drive ellipticals are the least expensive, but they are usually of lower quality. Rear-drive ellipticals are larger, but they are ideal for the quietest, most effective setup. Some ellipticals have a drive in the center, which leads to a more compact design and a smoother workout overall.


Weights can be used for strength training, but they are also part of a well-rounded home gym. The type of weight, weight range, and other options can change depending on your fitness level. Still, here are some of the things you should look for as you shop for weights.

  • Type of weight. Standard dumbbells are barbells are fine, but they take up a lot of room. Adjustable dumbbells fit in a much smaller space, but they might not have the weight increments that you need. Consider the type of weight you’ll need before stocking your home gym.
  • Weight range. The larger the weight range, the more versatile your weights are. Choose the largest available weight range. At the very least, you should choose an option that best fits your workout routine.

Rowing machine

A rowing machine can offer a great workout for your arms, shoulders, and back. It’s not uncommon to find them in a home gym, but they are a little less common than some of the other equipment here. Rowing machines are easy to use for all skill levels, but require some trial and error to use correctly.

  • Size. Rowing machines tend to be rather large. Keep the size of your home gym in mind before purchasing a rowing machine. If in doubt, choose one that folds down for storage.
  • Noise level. Rowing machines can make a lot of noise. Some are engineered specifically to be quieter. If noise is an issue, consider choosing an option that decreases the sound the machine makes.

Exercise bike

An exercise bike is a staple for warming up, cooling down, or keeping your heart rate up between other exercises. As the most common home gym option, there are many different varieties of exercise bikes available.

  • Type of bike. There are a few different types of exercise bikes. Upright bikes are better for the super active while reclining bikes are perfect for those who need a little bit of extra help to get things started. Choose the kind you’re more likely to use.
  • Resistance method. Magnetic bikes are best. They last longer, run smoother, and operate quieter than most other options. If cost isn’t an issue, a fan-based resistance system is ideal. Flywheel-based resistance is the least effective, whereas direct contact resistance requires a little more maintenance than other types.

Complete home gym systems

A complete home gym system can make your small home gym extremely effective and space-efficient. Here are some of the things you should look for in these comprehensive machines.

  • The number of exercises. Each home gym system will state the number of exercises you can accomplish with the machine. Choose the highest number of exercises, but keep in mind to choose ones you think you might use.
  • Attachments. A home gym system with attachments is a great choice. This allows you to expand the use of the machine in the future. This is an invaluable feature for your fitness journey, and it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Always check out the available attachments or extensions for a home gym system.

Other options

If you want to expand your fitness capabilities in your home gym, consider the following additional pieces of exercise equipment:

  • Benches
  • Resistance bands
  • A fitness ball
  • Stair stepping machines
  • Pulldown bars
  • A leg extension system
  • Exercise mats
  • Kettlebells

Once you’ve got the machines to form a solid basis, consider these other options to help make your home gym complete. Most are straightforward and should be easy to select once you understand your fitness needs.

Final thoughts

A home gym is a big investment, but it’s an investment in your health. Consider these home gym machines in Canada to take your workout to the next level. All the basics are here, regardless of what type of home gym setup you want. We’re sure you’ll find a solid basis for your new home gym on our list!