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Sleep is the most crucial part of our day for our mental and physical wellbeing, so the right mattress is absolutely paramount to high-quality sleep. To help you enjoy the best sleep, a king size mattress is the way to go. We’ve put together a guide on the best king size mattresses in Canada so that you can easily choose a high-quality mattress that ticks all your boxes. We’ve analyzed these mattresses based on more than a dozen factors to ensure you pick from the top king size mattresses available in Canada.

Best king size mattresses for Canadians

1. Douglas Mattress

The Douglas mattress is both affordable and very high-quality. Though it has a simple design of only 3 layers, it is an excellent choice for most shoppers since it offers the right balance of comfort and support. At 10-inches of height, you wouldn’t expect too much from the Douglas mattress, but its simple design is very effective for motion isolation and pressure relief in particular. Starting from the top, we have a CoolSense cover that helps maintain an ideal sleeping temperature through the night since it remains cool to the touch compared to its surroundings. Next up is 2-inches of cooling gel foam for more advanced heat dissipation. This gel foam also offers incredibly pressure relief since you’ll sink deeply through the material and be cushioned from head to toe.

Underneath this cooling gel foam is another 2-inch layer, but this one is a premium Elastex foam that transitions your body from the gel foam to the support base. This foam contours well to the body to provide pressure relief and disperse your body weight evenly along the mattress. The Elastex foam is responsive and keeps your spine aligned by contouring to your curves no matter which position you sleep in. the final layer of the Douglas mattress is a 6-inch layer of motion isolation foam. Though you expect high performance in foam mattresses when it comes to motion isolation, the Douglas mattress comes out ahead of the pack thanks to this specially designed support foam. The durability of this final layer supports the softer upper layers for a longer lifespan and longer-lasting shape than mattresses without high-density foam bases.

Why are we impressed?

  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Above-average motion isolation for couples and restless sleepers
  • Multiple cooling properties for a more restful sleep
  • Affordable even in the king size

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2. Ghostbed Mattress

The Ghostbed is a comfortable medium-firm mattress that focuses on cooling and durability. This is a latex foam mattress with three layers as well as an included cover. The cover is a viscose/polyester blend that is soft to the touch. The latex foam layer is on top and measures just 1.5 inches thick. Since latex is a naturally cool material, you’ll enjoy a more relaxed sleep with reliable temperature neutrality in the warm and cool months. The latex foam also offers more bounce and responsiveness than is typical in all-foam mattresses, which heavier sleepers will enjoy since it is easier to move on top of. In addition, this foam provides effective pressure relief and contours nicely to balance your body on the bed.

A 2-inch layer of gel memory foam affords more comfort through cushioning and spinal alignment, as well as a cooler sleep thanks to open-cell technology in the memory foam. The support layer in the Ghostbed mattress is a high-density support foam measuring 7.5 inches thick for lasting durability, shape, and support. The high-density construction of the foam affords reliable edge support since the upper layers cannot sink too much, and the ratio of support foam vs. cushioning foam is ideal for edge support and durability. The all-foam construction of the Ghostbed mattress means that it is excellent for motion isolation and is incredibly quiet to move in, making it an ideal choice for couples and restless sleepers.

Why are we impressed?

  • 20-year warranty as well as a sleep trial of 101 nights
  • Improved airflow in memory foam to keep you cooler than traditional memory foams
  • Optimal lumbar support from balanced support and contouring
  • Holds its shape very well over a long period of time

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3. Novosbed Mattress

The Novosbed mattress is the best choice for durability, especially if you have pets that share your bed at night. Not only does it have an above-average 15-year warranty, but the siding of the mattress is also furniture-grade upholstery fabric that is much more resistant to tears and holes than regular mattress fabric. The protective cover is a unique two-way stretch-knit fabric that is also more wear-resistant than ordinary cotton, polyester, or other average cover fabrics. The cover is also moisture-wicking to more effectively keep you dry and cool throughout the night, even if you’re prone to sleeping hot. This mattress is made up of 3 very distinct layers.

The top layer is an open-cell memory foam that responds very quickly to contour to the body and provides relief on your joints and alignment of the spine, especially when on your side. The middle layer is a slightly firmer transition foam that provides extra body contouring, motion isolation and pressure relief. The final layer is a thick high-density support foam that provides your support. These layers work together to keep your body in the ideal position whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach.

Why are we impressed?

  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Free Comfort+ firmness adjustment kit available after 30 days in case you want to adjust the firmness of the mattress
  • Excellent for all types of sleeping positions (back, side or stomach)
  • Open-cell memory foam stays cooler than traditional memory foam

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4. Endy Mattress

The Endy is another excellent option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly king mattress. The mattress has a practical design that will be sure to provide a more comfortable, restful sleep no matter what you typically look for in your mattresses. This mattress is only 10 inches tall and has 3 layers that follow the comfort–transition–support construction format. The mattress also comes with a removable micro-quilted cover that is breathable, soft and stretchy.

Moving on to the nitty-gritty, the top layer is Endy’s proprietary comfort foam. This foam uses the more breathable open-air cell foam design for better airflow and more temperature neutrality while you sleep. A thin layer of polyfoam acts as a transition layer to make the switch more gradual from soft memory foam to the more durable support foam. The base foam is high-density for added durability as well as greater support for people of all sizes.

Why are we impressed?

  • 100 night sleep trial and 10-year warranty
  • Affordable even in the king size
  • The top half of this cover is machine washable
  • High-density support foam is durable under heavier weights
  • Temperature neutral all year round

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5. Casper Original Mattress

The Casper Original is better suited for those who want slightly more advanced foam technologies in their mattress and are comfortable spending a bit more. This mattress is also more eco-conscious since each cover includes over 57 recycled bottles for a lower environmental footprint during manufacturing. In addition, the first layer of the Casper mattress is a layer of Airscape foam that is highly breathable thanks to a thorough perforation that assists with heat dissipation so you can sleep soundly at a neutral temperature.

This middle layer is zoned for enhanced pressure relief and targeted support where you need it most. You’ll enjoy firmer support under the waist, lower back, and hips with softer give at the shoulders so that your spine stays aligned and in a natural position when on your stomach, back, or side. The final layer is a durable polyfoam base that ensures proper circulation and even weight distribution for greater comfort and improved effectiveness of the zoned support above.

Why are we impressed?

  • 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty
  • The mattress cover is made with up to 57 recycled bottles
  • Zoned support foam offers targeted pressure relief for better sleep
  • Advanced lumbar support and alignment for stomach sleepers
  • Excellent breathability for temperature regulation

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6. Logan and Cove Luxury Pillowtop Mattress

This luxury mattress is available in two firmness levels, luxury firm and medium plush. Whichever firmness you choose, you will be able to benefit from all of the great features of this mattress. Included in your purchase will be a 120-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty. Every element of this mattress contributes to the cool, dry, supportive experience that every sleeper craves. With premium edge support, you can feel secure on this mattress wherever you are and no matter the position you are in. The combination of high-quality memory foam and durable pocketed coils work together to isolate motion and prevent disturbances while asleep. Whether you sleep by yourself, with a pet, or with a partner, you will be able to achieve a deep, restorative sleep that is not interrupted by the movements around you.

This mattress’s pressure relief and lumbar support are two qualities that make this mattress perfect for every sleeper. Multiple layers of foam allow this mattress to contour to your body. As a result, you will experience pressure relief in all the areas that need it most: your hips, shoulders, and knees. Plus, the targeted lumbar support guarantees that you won’t ever wake up with a sore back whether you sleep on your stomach, side, or back. Spinal alignment is a given with this mattress, no matter the firmness you decide on. The inclusion of gel memory foam helps dissipate heat from your sleeping surface and keeps you dry and cool all night long. The mattress surface is composed of temperature-regulating silk and Tencel fibres to provide breathability and superior comfort.

Why are we impressed?

  • Gel foam assists temperature regulation and ensures a deep sleep
  • Motion isolation technology is unparalleled
  • 120-night sleep trial and 15-year warranty
  • Unbeatable edge support and pressure relief

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7. Recore Latex Mattress

With a 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial, your confidence in this product should already be pretty high. This medium-soft mattress by Recore has a three-layer design that is optimized for keeping you cool and supported at night. Its base layer is 7” of high-density foam that provides the major structural support of the mattress. It is also the layer that essentially eliminates motion transfer. Two inches of cooling gel foam form the middle layer of this mattress. This layer is responsible for balanced weight distribution and the most active cooling effects. Combined with the top layer (a graphite-infused latex foam), you are guaranteed a comfortable and effective cooling mattress. The latex layer is only 1.5” thick, and in addition to drawing heat away from you while you sleep, it also provides incredible pressure relief to cushion your joints and support recovery overnight.

With the inclusion of a washable cover, you can be certain about the longevity of this mattress. It is made of an antimicrobial, silver-threaded fabric that protects your sleeping surface and ensures hygienic conditions at all times. The graphite-infused latex contributes to the responsive support you’ll appreciate every morning when you wake up. No matter how you sleep, this mattress is designed to offer support for your entire body with a design that will never bottom out. Whether you are active in your day-to-day life and need a restful and supportive place to recover, or you’re looking to upgrade to a better and more durable mattress, this Recore model is the way to go.

Why are we impressed?

  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Made for performance and overnight recovery
  • SilverCharged antimicrobial cover keeps your sleep surface clean and fresh
  • Incorporates graphite-infused latex foam for responsive comfort

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8. Brunswick Spring Mattress

The Brunswick spring mattress would benefit anyone needing some additional support from their mattress. It has a medium-firm feel to it and the best edge-to-edge support available. With tempered steel springs independently supporting every inch of the mattress, there is no possible way for you to find an area that doesn’t reliably support your body weight. The firmness of this mattress helps maintain proper spinal support and targeted lumbar relief. The pocket design of the springs allows for maximum airflow while asleep without compromising your ability to change positions. While the base of this mattress is designed for stability and support, the top layers of the mattress still provide maximum comfort.

The high-density, eco-conscious transition foam does wonders for the cushioned support of the mattress. It is a durable foam that actively promotes spinal alignment while simultaneously contributing to the softness of the sleeping surface. With two independent layers of cooling gel foam, all of the technology is in place to help you regulate your sleeping temperature and experience a new restfulness. The quilted cover provides an incredibly soft, breathable surface that will feel luxurious and promote deep sleep. It will also help reduce the moisture levels in your sleeping space and contribute to the cooling properties of the mattress. In its entirety, you will experience 12” of durable support and comfort. With a 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial, you have nothing to lose by trying out this Brunswick mattress, but everything to gain.

Why are we impressed?

  • Two layers of cooling gel foam provide maximum temperature regulation
  • Pocketed coil design promotes airflow
  • Incredibly reliable edge support
  • Targeted lumbar support you can depend on

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Benefits of a king size mattress

Ideal for restless sleepers

Many of us toss and turn throughout the night, and we can wake up ourselves and our partner because of it. A king mattress is an excellent choice for restless sleepers since you’re less likely to disturb your spouse with your movements, thanks to the extra space between you. 

Pressure relief

A king mattress is a great choice if you have pain or stiffness sleeping on a smaller bed. These large mattresses give you ample space to distribute your weight in a way that applies less stress to different areas of your body. In addition, you have much more room to find a comfortable position. You can accommodate an injury with extra pillows or several different positions during the night, even if you sleep with someone else in the bed.

High-quality sleep

A king mattress offers a higher quality sleep than you’re probably used to since your body has the necessary room to move around during the night. Since you aren’t limited by a smaller bed, you’ll stay asleep longer and won’t be woken up by heat or a partner. As a result, you’ll feel more rested in the morning and will fall asleep faster.


King mattresses are the size of choice when prioritizing comfort over all else. These beds are known for being more comfortable than smaller alternatives since you can sleep in any position you want with the added room. You can curl into a ball, starfish in the middle of the bed, lay diagonally, whatever you prefer.

Best for couples

Whether you’re short or tall, skinny or wide, sleeping with a partner can be a pain. You’re constantly fighting over blankets, bumping into each other, and having to make sacrifices in comfort to avoid encroaching on their space. A king mattress solves all of these issues by giving you both plenty of room to stretch out into any position you want without forcing them over the edge of the bed accidentally.

Cooler sleep

Even if your king mattress doesn’t have any advanced cooling technologies included in its design, you will still notice that you sleep cooler than before since the heat generated by your body during sleep has much more room to disperse. In addition, if you sleep with a partner, you’ll have much more room between you while you sleep so that you won’t be sharing heat or warming up the bed twice as fast. A king size bed also gives you plenty of room to maneuver so you can roll to an untouched area of the mattress to experience that flipped-pillow coolness along your entire body.


How to choose the right king size mattress in Canada


For most people, the firmness of the mattress they sleep on is the most important factor when determining if it is comfortable or not. Some people prefer a very firm mattress with little give while others prefer to sink deeply into a soft mattress to feel hugged all night long. Whether you enjoy one of these extremes or fall somewhere in the middle, make sure to know which firmness level is best for your sleep position and body type when choosing a new king mattress.


There are several different types of mattresses available to you in a king-size, and they all have pros and cons with varying features that appeal to different people. Foam is the most common choice for people since they offer minimal noise and better motion isolation than other types of mattresses can offer.

Motion isolation

Motion isolation is a key factor if you’re a restless sleeper or sleep with others in the bed, be they a partner or a beloved pet. Motion transfer can disturb your sleep and cause you to awaken several times during the night and can be a real pain if you and your spouse have different sleep schedules due to shift work. Unfortunately, not all king mattresses have the same capability when it comes to limiting motion transfer, so make sure to choose a bed that performs well in this area if you’re a light sleeper.

Cooling properties

Sleeping cool is a necessity for quality rest. Though king mattresses are better for this than smaller sizes since you have more surface area, not all mattresses are designed with equal cooling technologies. If you tend to sleep hot, you should certainly look for additional cooling properties or opt for a hybrid mattress that has better air circulation than foam options.


A king mattress can be a significant investment given its large size, so it’s important to look at the warranty and expected lifespan of the beds you’re considering. The average lifespan for a mattress is about 7 years, but many mattresses can last longer if you choose an organic or latex mattress with extra durability. Special features like perimeter support, upholstery-grade siding, and high-density foams will all extend the lifespan of the mattress you choose, so look out for these signs of enhanced durability to get the most value for your dollar.


Buying a king mattress is an investment, but not all king mattresses are priced the same. As with any other mattress, king mattresses come in various price ranges depending on their quality, durability, and several other technologies that improve the mattress’s performance. King mattresses are the most expensive mattress size, but there are many affordable options if you’re happy with something simple.


Final thoughts

King mattresses are sought after since we all enjoy lots of space to sleep on. So whether you’re looking for more room to improve your sleep with a partner beside you or are looking to spoil yourself with a king bed all to yourself, we hope that this guide and reviews on the best king size mattresses in Canada has been helpful. Though a bit pricier and certainly more laborious to move into your bedroom, the benefits are well worth it.