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Most of us have had trouble sleeping in the past, though some definitely have it worse than others. Whether irregular or recurring, inadequate sleep is a huge drain on our mental and physical wellbeing. A weighted blanket can help you by nurturing a calm, peaceful and relaxing sleep. Sleep is crucial, and hopefully one of our picks for the best weighted blankets in Canada can make it easier for you. 

Why Trust Us?

We evaluated over 24 weighted blankets in the Canadian market and have spent countless hours researching more than a dozen factors. Including comfort, temperature neutrality, durability, value, weight distribution, variety, and ease of maintenance/washing. Our reviews and analysis of the best weighted blankets in Canada are objective, truthful, and accurate. 

Our Best Weighted Blanket Picks

Best Overall: YnM Weighted Blanket 

The YnM weighted blanket is best suited for people wanting high-quality construction on a reasonable budget. This blanket uses a 7-layer system for comfort, contouring to the body, and greater temperature neutrality than is typically experienced under a weighted blanket. The ultra-fine, high-grade stitching prevents any bead leaks from occurring and the small 4.7”x4.7” squares keep the beads in their sections for even weight distribution. This blanket also uses a thinner fiberfill for enhanced temperature control with a greater number of glass beads than similar weighted blankets. 

With layers on either side of the inner glass beads, you won’t feel anything but a comfortable soft blanket weighing you down into your mattress. This mattress is machine washable, though it shouldn’t be done so regularly and should be tumble dried on low, so you may want to stick with choosing and washing a duvet cover instead. The exterior of the YnM weighted blanket is 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton that is soft, comfortable on the skin, and breathable. This blanket is also available in countless other colours and patterns as well as 5lb, 7lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 17lb, 20lb, 25lb, and 30lb weights with a variety of sizes to match any mattress size. The larger 80”x60” or 87”x80” sizes are best suited to couples wishing to share a weighted blanket. 

What Sets the YnM Weighted Blanket Apart? 

The main feature that we’re impressed by with the YnM is the amount of choice you have when choosing both your size and design of your weighted blanket. Most other weighted blankets are simple with only a handful of colour options at best. The variety of weights available ensures that everyone can find a blanket that matches their body and their aesthetic preferences. 

Another wonderful factor with the YnM weighted blanket is the focus on durability and quality. The stitching is incredibly detailed with high-grade strength to ensure that the blanket can be pulled, dropped, folded, and washed without any signs of damage over the years. This blanket also sleeps lighter than many other weighted blankets since the fiberfill is thinner than average. This means that you can use the blanket in the summer without sweating through your clothes, which is a huge milestone in weighted blanket construction. 

One other feature that sets this weighted blanket apart from others on the market is that it can be machine washed. While there are other blankets that do have this feature as well, it is rare enough to be worth mentioning since it improves the convenience factor significantly, particularly as taking covers on and off of weighted blankets is a pain. 

What Could be Improved On? 

While not exactly a flaw, the size of the squares is a bit large for the smaller blanket sizes since 4.7” takes up much more area of the twin blanket compared to the king and doesn’t offer the same weight distribution in the smaller sizes. We would definitely like to see adjusted square sizes for various blanket sizes to achieve a consistent ratio of weight distribution based on the weights and dimensions of various sizes. 

Another feature that some other weighted blankets have is multiple layers of stitching for enhanced leakage protection. Though the micro-stitching is effective, other blankets have multiple layers that make the blanket even more durable, which could be a nice touch in the future.  

Performance of the YnM Weighted Blanket

Weight Distribution

The weight distribution of the YnM weighted blanket is great. The square size of 4.7”x4.7” keeps the filling contained to small enough sections that you don’t feel any weak spots in the blanket when laying under it. Though more effective in the larger sizes, there won’t be any shifting in any size you choose since the squares are so compact. 


The cotton exterior of the YnM weighted blanket is breathable and gentle on the skin, so it will feel great all year round. Though not as soft as some other blankets, such as fleece or faux fur, the cotton is soft and cozy without being too hot, which is a great balance to have in a blanket known for trapping heat. 


The YnM blanket is one of the best for a variety of choices. This blanket comes in 9 weight options spread out over 5 sizes to match every bed size and individual person. Plus, you have a 30lb option which is much less common than the 20- and 25-pound sizes.

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Best Value: Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket

The Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket is a great weighted blanket for those who want optimal comfort at a budget-friendly price. There are multiple colour options to choose from, including dark grey, navy blue, coral pink, blue stripes, blue flowers, and white to match any colour scheme in your bedroom. This blanket is incredibly versatile with suitable sizes for everyone: 7lb, 12lb, 15lb, 17lb, 20lb, 22lb, and 25lb. The larger king size blankets are suitable for couples wishing to share rather than use individual weighted blankets. 

The Weighted Idea weighted blanket is designed with 5”x5” squares to keep the beads in place so they don’t slide around and cause uneven weight in different points of the blanket. Though these squares aren’t as small as many other blankets have, they are small enough to get the job done. For easier care and maintenance, the blanket has 8 built-in ties for a duvet cover so that any spills or other messes won’t ruin the main blanket material. 

What Sets the Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket Apart? 

One of the best features on the Weighted Idea weighted blanket is the premium stitching for the 8 duvet-compatible corner loops. Too often, the loops on weighted blankets are so fragile that they break if you pull on the blanket from one side, but these loops are extra-strong so that you can drag your blanket around with you everywhere you go without worrying about a broken loop. 

There are also a wonderful number of sizes and weight options for everyone to enjoy. This blanket comes in a 36”x48” and all the way up to an 80”x87” king size for couples to share. There are multiple weight options for each size to ensure that you’ll have no trouble finding a compatible size. 

One thing that this blanket does really well on is maneuverability under the blanket. With the Weighted Idea weighted blanket, the thin design ensures that you can fold or roll it off easily without straining, no matter how heavy it is. The thinner design of this blanket also makes it more portable and easier to store than thicker options – which are more common. 

What Could be Improved On? 

This blanket does not come with a removable cover, so you’ll have to purchase one separately if you want to protect your blanket better. Many other weighted blankets come with their own covers to save you the hassle of looking for one, so this would be a great addition in the future. This blanket also is hand-wash only, so it isn’t as convenient as others with machine-washable technology. 

Performance of the Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket

Weight Distribution

The weight distribution of this blanket is pretty average. With 5”x5” squares, it isn’t the best performer on the market, but you still won’t feel an unequal amount of pressure anywhere in the blanket. The squares are thoroughly packed as well so you won’t feel any slippage even within the stitched squares. 


The exterior fabric on the Weighted Idea weighted blanket is breathable and very comfortable. It will feel cooler to the touch than many other fabrics and will help keep you cool under the heavier weight. Plus, it is soft to the touch and gentle on the skin. 


We’re very happy with the availability of sizes and weights of the Weighted Idea weighted blanket. There are options for all sizes, as well as couples wishing to share their blanket either on the couch or in bed. 

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Best Luxury: The Hush Classic Weighted Blanket

The Hush Classic weighted blanket is a luxury alternative and one of the pricier weighted blankets in the Canadian market. The inner filling is non-toxic micro glass sand for solid weight without noticeable bulges from larger beads. The cover uses high-grade stitching with incredibly fine stitches for a softer overall texture without compromising durability. The glass sand is in densely packed pockets so the blanket maintains its shape. The outer cover is removable and machine washable so messes and regular care is easy to handle. Since most weighted blankets either don’t have a removable cover or one must be purchased separately, this inclusion adds great value to this Hush Classic weighted blanket.

To ensure your complete satisfaction with the Hush Classic, you’ll have 100 nights to make a return if you’re not happy with your experience. The stitching for the pockets in this blanket is 4 lines thick in all directions to eliminate any risk of a single bead sliding out of place. There are multiple sizes available with adjustable weights depending on your body weight: twin at 15 or 20 lbs., queen at 20, 25, or 30 lbs., and king at 30 or 35 lbs. for sharing with your partner.

What Sets the Hush Classic Weighted Blanket Apart? 

The Hush Classic weighted blanket is one of the most convenient weighted blankets available since it comes with its own removable cover. The cover is incredibly soft and comfortable for a luxurious feel. It is made with longer fibres that feel similar to fur so you can curl up under it and feel safe, warm, and cozy. The texture of the actual weighted blanket without a cover is a soft and comfortable microfiber material for use in the summer if the cover is too warm in the hotter months. 

The stitching on the cover is also incredibly durable since it features four rows of stitches for every side of every square to match the squares of the inner blanket – this also provides a unique texture to the cover that helps prevent the blanket from sliding around during the night, which can be a bigger problem with weighted blankets since the extra weight can pull it off your body if it rests unevenly. 

What Could be Improved On? 

We would like to see better cooling technologies incorporated into the Hush Classic weighted blanket since it sleeps incredibly hot even in the winter. Some other weighted blankets have improved their designs to trap less heat, and that would be an excellent next step for this blanket given the warmer cover.

Performance of the Hush Classic Weighted Blanket

Weight Distribution

The weight distribution of the Hush Classic is on par with other high-end weighted blankets. The filling is divided into small squares that prevent the weight from shifting unevenly even by a few inches. The cover helps ensure that the blanket stays balanced over your body as well. 


We’re very happy with the comfort level of the Hush Classic thanks to its included removable cover, but the blanket does sleep hot with the cover on. As a result, it is a better choice for winter sleeping only unless you are comfortable risking stains to the main blanket by sleeping without the cover in the summer.


The Hush Classic is a lower performer when it comes to size availability. Though we do have multiple weights in each size of the blanket, there is not as much variety for more personal weight calculations. 

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Benefits of Using a Weighted Blanket

Better Quality Sleep

Weighted blankets are beneficial for a variety of reasons, mainly because they can help improvements in restlessness, discomfort, and other troubles that can be preventing you from achieving a high-quality sleep. In general, people find that they are more comfortable, sleep better, and feel more rested in the morning after sleeping with a weighted blanket thanks to the calming effects of the pressure. 

Keeps You Warm in the Winter

During the cold season, it can often be difficult to sleep if you’re prone to getting and staying cold. Weighted blankets are known for helping users sleep warm, so they are the perfect addition to a bed or couch to curl up under and stay toasty warm. 

Improved Mood

Since a weighted blanket improves your sleep, you’ll enjoy a happier mood during all of your daytime interactions. You’ll be less stressed, less grumpy, and more stable under pressure. You may notice improvements in your social interactions, your focus at work, and a number of other mental activities thanks to a better night’s rest. 


How to Choose the Right Weighted Blanket


Weighted blankets in Canada are available in a variety of price ranges to make them accessible to all budgets. The lower-end options are typically fairly affordable while higher-end options are less accessible if you’re on a budget. The larger the blanket, the more expensive it will be, but quality construction is the most important indicator of the true value of a weighted blanket. 


The weight of the blanket you choose is the most important consideration because a blanket that is not the perfect weight for your size won’t be effective and is essentially a waste of money. Make sure you perform the appropriate calculations to determine which weight you need before purchasing your blanket. 


Though most weighted blankets are designed for individual use, the larger king-size blankets are optimal for couples sharing a blanket on their bed. There are also a couple of sizes geared towards heavier and lighter users, so everyone can enjoy an appropriately sized weighted blanket no matter their age. 


Most weighted blankets have a cotton exterior, but there are some plush options as well if you’re looking for a softer, cozier texture. The fabric largely determines the comfort and temperature neutrality of the blanket, so if you sleep hot, you’re better off sticking with thinner cotton exteriors over the warmer fabrics. 

Weight Distribution 

Even weight distribution is the cornerstone of an effective weighted blanket. To keep the filling balanced when the blanket is moved and placed in any position, they are stitched in squares to prevent uneven spillage of the beads inside. The smaller the squares, the more evenly the blanket will be weighted since the filling can’t move more than a few inches in their squares. Of course, the stitching for those squares needs to be high-quality so that it holds up against movement and rougher treatment if necessary.


How to Calculate the Weight of the Blanket You Need

When using a weighted blanket, it is important that you choose the right weight for your size so that it is effective in its goal to provide a higher quality sleep. Ideally, a weighted blanket weighs between 7% to 10% of your body weight. 


How to Clean a Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets can be cleaned in a washing machine most often using cold water in a gentle setting. Drying on a clothes rack or reinforced shower curtain rod is optimal but tumble dry on low heat also works. Though to save on wear and tear, it is best to hand wash since frequently using a washing machine can damage the weighted blanket. Since washing the weighted blanket can be an inconvenience, using a duvet cover is the best way to go since you won’t have to wash the blanket often or at all – extending its life.


Tips for Using a Weighted Blanket

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your expectations are met when choosing one of the best weighted blankets in Canada: 

  • Test it out for a few nights before making a decision about its comfort since it can take several days to become accustomed to the change. You can even start with using just half the blanket for the first few days and go from there.
  • Make sure the blanket covers your entire body to guarantee optimal comfort and relaxation. The blanket should be long enough to easily cover your body from your shoulders down.
  • Start by replacing or using both your comforter with the weighted blanket on its own. Once you get used to the weight, you can add your comforter either on top or on the bottom depending on your preference.
  • To experience all of the benefits of a weighted blanket, try to use it daily and make it part of your regular routine.