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Hybrid mattresses are a mix between spring mattresses and foam mattress. The coils are most often in the support layer of the bed with the foam making up the upper layers of the mattress. Hybrid mattresses are a great option for those who enjoy the support of spring mattresses but value the durability of an all-foam mattress. Hybrid mattresses are the best of both worlds, and we’ve curated a list of some of the best hybrid mattresses in Canada to help you choose your next bed with ease.

Best hybrid mattresses for Canadians

1.  Logan and Cove mattress

The Logan and Cove mattress is one of the best hybrid options out there. Its pillowtop layer is extremely soft and welcomes you into bed like no other. The silk blend fill rests above a few layers of comfort foams. The comfort layer is made of several different types of foam to achieve a cooling effect as well to cushion your body for comfortable pressure relief. These layers include a 1” cooling gel memory foam, a 0.75” cooling gel high-density foam, a 0.5” of contouring bio foam, and a final 1” of high-density bio foam. The combination of gel, memory, and high-density foams ensure that this mattress contours to every curve and provides immediate relief to joints and the spine.

While these five layers achieve excellent comfort scores, they aren’t very supportive. The support of the mattress is found in the 2” high-density bio foam layer and a layer of 8” zonal pocketed coils that make up the base of the bed. The springs are individually wrapped to provide a balanced, uniform support as well as to limit motion transfer as much as possible. These pocketed coils are sturdy and provide enough firm support to keep the spine and hips aligned during sleep. Given the pillowtop layer, you won’t notice as much bounce as you may expect from a hybrid mattress, but the incredible cushioning and pressure relief are the popular draws of the Logan and Cove pillowtop mattress anyway.

This bed offers reliable edge support as well thanks to an edge support foam that prevents dangerous sagging. This mattress is a great choice for hot sleepers since there are multiple cooling layers in the top portion of the bed. This hybrid mattress is especially great for couples as the thick top layer and individually wrapped coils offer desirable motion isolation for restless sleepers. Logan and Cove offers a 120-night sleep trial that gives you ample time to test out the mattress before making a commitment and backs your purchase with a 15-year warranty.

Why are we impressed?

  • Impressive lumbar support and pressure relief
  • Extra soft with pillowtop fill
  • Motion isolation is very effective thanks to its individually wrapped coils
  • 120-night sleep trial and 15-year warranty
  • 6 layers for maximum comfort, support, and cooling

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2.  GhostBed Flex

The GhostBed Flex hybrid mattress pairs contouring memory foam and supportive coils for the ideal balance of medium firm support and huggable comfort. This mattress has 7 layers for a total profile height of 13”, meaning you’ll be comfortably tall even if using a thinner foundation for the bed. The quilted cover has natural cooling properties that keeps the plush fabric cool to the touch all the time. The premium softness of the cover is paired with effective cooling thanks to the cooling fiber woven directly into the protective barrier for a 1” thickness. The cover also includes a 1” layer of gel memory foam that also assists with cooling while providing enough contouring that you’ll feel hugged by the bed all night long.

The comfort layer of the bed starts with 1” of gel memory foam. This layer adds to the pressure relieving capabilities of the memory foam in the cover and helps keep the spine in alignment in any position since it contours to your curves and distributes your weight more evenly along the length of the bed. The fifth layer is similar to latex in its responsiveness but is a proprietary Ghost Bounce layer developed specially by GhostBed. This foam mimics the feeling of zero gravity as much as any foam or latex can. This layer of foam also acts as a transition layer since it eases the body through the softer memory foam but protects from the firmer supportive layer.

The support layer starts off with a thick layer of individually wrapped, reinforced coils for springy, bouncy support that works with the Ghost Bounce layer for a weightless, relaxing experience. This layer also features a reinforced edge support in the form of a proprietary Spirited Edge support perimeter for edge-to-edge support and improved durability of the bed. The coils are further reinforced by a thin layer of high-density support foam for longevity of the softer layers and the utmost support for your spine. This mattress comes with a 101-night sleep trial and a lengthy 25-year warranty, making it well worth the investment.

Why are we impressed?

  • 25-year warranty and a 101-night sleep trial
  • Plush quilted cover for instant comfort and softness
  • Reinforced edge support for stability and durability
  • Multiple cooling properties for a comfortable sleep
  • High-density support foam layer beneath coils for longevity

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3.  Brunswick Spring Mattress

The Brunswick spring mattress is one of our favourite Canadian hybrid mattress options. It has a highly breathable cover with a top fill for softness upon initial contact. It is highly durable even though it has a pillowy texture thanks to the euro-top fill. Below is a cooling gel memory foam layer that contours to the body and assists with temperature regulation so even hot sleepers can sleep comfortably through the night. The next layer is a Trizone high-density eco-foam that ticks all the boxes. It supports and encourages spinal alignment and posture in any sleep position and is a reliable source of pressure relief at high-stress areas including the shoulder and hip zones.

This Brunswick bed has zonal pocketed reinforced springs for support. This reinforced coils limit motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other and offer balanced support from head to toe. Since this mattress doesn’t have an extremely thick top layer before the springs, it will feel a bit harder than mattresses with thicker comfort layers. Lighter users may not experience as much pressure relief since the bed won’t conform as deeply, but sleepers of every size will appreciate the comfy support offered by the hybrid combination.

This bed scores quite high in terms of edge support since it has a full-perimeter encasement that virtually eliminates all sinkage when weight is applied to the edge of the bed. Even the corners are very sturdy and won’t give to pressure more than they should. This mattress comes with a 15-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial that speak to the quality of the mattress. Though with more limited technology, the Brunswick spring mattress performs admirably in all important areas including cooling, support, comfort, durability, and edge support for a well-rounded, restful sleep night after night.

Why are we impressed?

  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Competitively priced option
  • Reinforced perimeter support for impressive edge support
  • Cooling gel memory foam helps with temperature regulation

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4.  Apollo Mattress

The Apollo hybrid mattress is a higher-end option with a variety of advanced mattress technology for a superior sleep. This bed has 5 layers including the upholstery-grade cover that wicks moisture and remains cool to the touch all on its own. This hybrid mattress includes a 2” layer of CopperGel high-density memory foam that is one of the most advanced cooling gels available. This layer is comprised of antimicrobial copper for an added cleanliness benefit as well as micro-gel beads that actively counteract the natural heat buildup associated with memory foam mattresses.

Below is another 2” layer, though this time it’s an 5G open-cell memory foam that offers immediate pressure relief when any weight is applied. The open-cell design ensures that this bed is temperature neutral since it allows better air flow and encourages air circulation for reduced heat and odour over time. One of the most unique features of this hybrid mattress is that the spring coils aren’t the main support of the bed. Instead, a 1” layer of Aeroduct pocketed micro coils are responsible for a great deal of supportive contouring and motion isolation. The location of these coils in the center of the mattress layers also ensures optimal thermal regulation for a cooler sleep.

The main body of the mattress is a 7” high-density foam that is dual-layered for top notch motion isolation and head-to-toe support, lumbar alignment, and pressure relief. This mattress also exceeds out expectations in terms of edge support thanks to a 360-degree sidewall addition to prevent sagging or sinking under targeted weight at the edge of the bed. This mattress comes with a lengthy 15-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial to give you plenty of time to test out these unique features for yourself.

Why are we impressed?

  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Great for hot sleepers with cooling memory foam and other cooling technologies
  • Excellent motion isolation and pressure relief
  • Dual-layer high-density support layer
  • Unique 1” coils for durability, limited motion transfer, and contouring

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5. Casper Wave

The Casper Wave mattress is a high-end, high-quality option for those willing to splurge on their next mattress. Unfortunately, the price of this bed will put it outside many budgets, but we strongly recommend it to those with the funds to comfortably afford this value-packed hybrid mattress. This medium-firm bed has 5 layers that provide the comfort, support, and cooling we all look for in a quality mattress. The bed begins with a thin layer of cooling gel on top of a layer of Airscape foam. The perforated foam is highly breathable and keeps the mattress fresh for years. This comfortable layer also provides pressure relieve thanks to contouring comfort.

A second layer of perforated Airscape foam ensure optimal levels of temperature regulation while you sleep since the heat has somewhere to go to escape. The third and final layer of Airscape foam is a bit different from the above layers in that it is zoned for ergonomics. This layer is softer at the shoulders and legs but firm under the hips, lower back, and waist to ensure proper alignment of the spine even when on your stomach. This Airscape layer also adds to the cooling effect of the mattress to keep heat as far away from your body as possible. The fourth layer of the Caper Wave mattress is a support layer with gel pods at the waist and lower back for better lumbar support to minimize the risk of waking up achy or stiff.

The base layer consists of resilient springs that give the bed a bouncier feel while continuing the trend of excellent airflow through the mattress for temperature regulation. This layer is surrounded by a perimeter border for durable edge support to provide a greater sleep-able surface area. This bed is great for environmentally-conscious buyers as well since each cover is made with 121 recycled bottles for a lower manufacturing footprint. The 10-year warranty is a bit surprising and disappointing given the extravagant price tag, hinting at a less-than-optimal level of durability.

Why are we impressed?

  •  Supportive gel pods for improved support
  • Ergonomic zones for full-body relief
  • Airscape foam is breathable and cool
  • All-foam construction is versatile and compatible with every foundation option

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6.  GhostBed 3D Matrix

The GhostBed 3D Matrix hybrid mattress is another high-end choice with a variety of advanced technologies. This plush bed is a luxurious option measuring 12” high with 7 layers designed for comfort, support, and cooling. Since this bed is one of the softest on our list, it’s worth noting that it won’t offer as much support as a firmer mattress, but that doesn’t mean it won’t still encourage spinal alignment for pain relief. The plush top of the mattress is comprised of a Ghost Ice cooling cover that is soft and cool to the touch, 2” of gel memory foam for contouring and pressure relief, and a 3D Matric Polymer layer in between.

This polymer layer is the most unique layer in the mattress. It uses patented gel polymer to achieve a type of phase-changing layer that reacts to your body temperature and actively drives the heat away.

The memory foam layer below is a proprietary Ghost Bounce foam, meaning it is bouncy and responsive like a latex foam would be. This layer gives the closest experience to zero gravity possible without an adjustable base doing most of the work. The transition layer of the mattress is a layer of Ghost 3D Matrix soft transition foam that provides a bit more pressure relief and helps distribute your body weight for a more comfortable, relaxed sleep.

The final two layers in the mattress are responsible for lumbar support and added durability for the softer top layers. Individually wrapped and reinforced coils ensure that the bed is much more durable than the typical springs associated with spring and hybrid mattresses. These coils give the bed more bounce and perform better in terms of motion isolation than the traditional spring system as well. The coils add breathability to the bed and help with temperature regulation for a cool night’s sleep. The final layer is a thin high-density foam that gives extra support to the coils and speaks to longevity of the mattress as well.

Why are we impressed?

  •  Incredibly durable with a 25-year warranty
  • Thermal conductive gel polymer layer adjusts to your temperature
  • Memory foam provides excellent pressure relief and spinal alignment
  • Reinforced edge support so you can put on your socks with confidence

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7.  Casper Nova

The Casper Nova mattress is a unique hybrid bed for a number of reasons. Most notably is the bed’s 7 support zone design; most only have 3, if they’re zoned at all. The bed’s cover is also made from 70 recycled bottles to appeal to environmentally-conscious shoppers. The top layer of the bed is a layer of Airscape foam that is designed with small holes, or perforations, that enhance the bed’s breathability for odour control, lasting freshness, and temperature regulation. This layer is responsible for the mattress’ plush texture.

The second layer of the mattress is another layer of breathable Airscape foam with 3 ergonomic zones. The head and foot of the bed are a softer foam with a firmer middle section to better support the lower back/hip region to keep the spine aligned. The third layer, on the other hand, is a proprietary Zoned Support Pro foam that has 7 zones rather than three for more targeted support. The combination of these zoned foam layers ensure that your spine is never a fraction out of line no matter how you position your body for sleep.

The final layer is a supportive spring system that gives the bed its bounce and assists with airflow through the mattress. An extra-firm border around the springs ensures you won’t have any sinkage on the edge of the bed. We are disappointed by the short 10-year warranty given the price, but the durability the mattress offers more than makes up for it.

Why are we impressed?

  • Highly breathable for cooling and freshness
  • 70 recycled bottles in every cover mean a lower manufacturing footprint
  • Plush comfort for a soft texture
  • Above-average zonal support
  • Great edge support with reinforced perimeter

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8. Noa Mattress

The Noa mattress is a hybrid blend of pocketed springs and comfy foam layers. All materials used in the Noa mattress are certified, including the latex layer. It is one of the more affordable hybrid beds, but its performance is on par with many higher-priced options with excellent pressure relief, support, and cooling. The bed comes with a 120-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty. One of the more unique features of this mattress is that the foam layers are bound by water-based adhesives that reduce the bed’s heat retention in order to keep you cooler. The breathable Tencel cover is both antibacterial and hypoallergenic, designed to limit wrinkles and body impressions over extended use.

The first layer of the mattress is a thin open-cell latex layer that provides the perfect amount of bounce and responsiveness enjoyed by couples everywhere. Still, it also cradles the body to provide instant pressure relief that soothes joints in high-impact areas. Next up is a layer of cooling gel memory foam that disperses body heat, contours for more profound pressure relief and provides cushioned support in all the right places. The transition layer is an adaptive foam that limits motion to one side of the bed to reduce transfer and sleep disturbances. The support for the mattress is delivered by a layer of pocketed springs that add breathability to the mattress while adapting to your body’s shape for tailored support from head to toe. This layer is further supported by a high-density encasement foam that ensures sturdy edge support from corner to corner.

Why Are We Impressed?

• 100-night sleep trial with a 15-year warranty
• Gel-infused memory foam eliminates heat retention
• Certified latex layer is naturally cooling and incredibly durable
• All materials are low in VOCs for better air quality
• Hand-tufted poly knit Tencel fabric cover

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Benefits of using a hybrid mattress

Better bounce

Hybrid mattresses in Canada are popular for a number of reasons, one of them being that they offer more bounce than a foam mattress without sacrificing that top comfort layer. Since a hybrid mattress has a thicker layer of foams than the average spring mattress, it’s easier to achieve the bounce you prefer with a soft top layer for comfort.

Equally comfortable and supportive

The beauty of a hybrid bed is that you enjoy the benefits of a spring mattress with the benefits of a foam mattress all in one bed. They’re much more comfortable than a basic spring mattress but are bouncy and supportive thanks to often reinforced coils. The performance of a hybrid mattress is hard to beat since it combines a bunch of mattresses in one bed.

Practical investment

Hybrid mattresses are often more affordable than other types since they use fewer foams and more affordable materials. Plus, it’s a lot easier to find customized comfort in a hybrid than another type of mattress so you can find higher quality at a better price than the higher-end options. Hybrid mattresses offer a great value since you can truly pick and choose the price you want based on the materials and features you opt for.

High breathability and airflow

Hybrid mattresses are one of the most breathable mattress types out there. One of the biggest complaints of traditional memory foam mattresses is that they hold heat and produce an uncomfortable sleeping temperature. The hybrid design gives the heat somewhere to go even if the mattress uses a traditional memory foam rather than an open-cell or gel memory foam for coolness. This breathability also helps keep the mattress healthy and odour free since air can travel freely through the mattress.


Since there are endless combinations for hybrid mattress designs, everyone can find a hybrid bed that fits their support and comfort needs. There are dozens and dozens of combinations with foams, coil systems and sizes, and other layers for total customizability. you can choose any firmness you want, get a pillowtop layer for softness, add a gel layer if you’re a hot sleeper, and so much more.

Edge support

Hybrid mattresses excel at edge support compared to other types of mattresses. A lot of foam mattresses just aren’t strong enough to provide true edge-to-edge support without a special perimeter, but a hybrid mattress provides uniform support form corner to corner since the strong coils are supportive to the very edges of the bed. Good edge support is a necessary feature for couples who need the surface area and individuals who prefer perching on the edge to sleep.

Pocket coils rather than springs

The biggest downside of traditional spring mattresses is that the springs aren’t great for motion transfer or pressure relief. Rather than the simple spring design, most, if not all, hybrid mattresses use a pocketed coil system. The difference between the two is that pocket-coils are individually wrapped and move independent of each other, rather than as a unit. This design improves motion isolation as well as weight distribution. Since the coils move independently, you’ll experience greater pressure relief as well.

Pain relief

The hybrid mattress is a great choice for those who enjoy the bounce but need more comfort than a spring mattress offers. The combination of softness and support achieves a higher level of pain relief since you have more layers between you and the springs and the foams offer optimal levels of pressure relief and contouring. These beds are also great for spinal alignment and posture during sleep to help relieve the aches and pains of the day.

How to choose the best hybrid mattress in Canada

Comfort layer

Since hybrid mattresses come in so many variations, choosing the material(s) of your comfort layer can be challenging. You have several high-quality choices, each with their own pros and cons. Choosing the right comfort layer for your sleep style and general preferences is important since a hybrid mattress has only 3 or 4 inches of height to provide all the comfort and pressure relief you need. The most common comfort layer options are latex, gel, and memory foam, and polyfoam.

Latex in a hybrid mattress is a popular choice, but it will increase the price of the bed compared to other materials in your comfort layer. This layer of latex foam is often paired with a memory foam topper and is aerated for extra breathability and heat dissipation. Latex is a naturally cooling material, so it is also a good choice for hot sleepers or warmer climates.

Gel foam comfort layers are another popular choice since they are excellent temperature regulators, though you’re better off choosing a gel-infused mattress that goes beyond microbeads if you want the cooling properties to remain effective for more than 8 hours if you sleep hotter than average, even with the natural breathability of hybrid beds. Gel foam is also quite effective at pressure relief since it responds to pressure better than a firmer polyfoam.

Memory foam is probably the most common material for a comfort layer in a hybrid bed since it so effective at motion isolation and pressure relief. Since hybrid mattresses aren’t the best at motion isolation, a memory foam top layer is a great help for restless sleepers and couples. Despite the assumption that memory foam is a heat magnet, most modern memory foam is made with open-cell technology that improves its breathability by quite a lot. For pure comfort, memory foam is the way to go since it contours so well to the body and distributes your weight evenly across the coil support base.

Polyfoam is the most common material found in most mattresses and is often high-density for durability. You may see this layer paired with a memory foam top layer since it is a bit firmer and works better as a transition layer between the coil system and the soft top, whether that be memory foam or a pillowtop layer. Polyfoam layers are sometimes infused with copper or gel beads for additional cooling, though it is commonly aerated to improve airflow as well.

Of course, most hybrid mattresses feature a combination of some or all of these layers in the comfort and transition layers of the mattress. Though a pillowtop layer is fairly rare on hybrid mattresses, they are a great additional feature for extra comfort and initial softness when getting into bed.

Coil system

The coil system in a hybrid mattress is often a pocketed spring system, though not always, so be sure to check if the mattress uses individually pocketed springs or not. While it is a basic difference, there is a world of difference in performance. Pocketed systems provide better motion isolation and pressure relief since they move independently, though they’re just as supportive as other spring systems. This system is also an improved version since it won’t get lumpy the way a normal innerspring mattress can in just a few years. Pocketed systems are also better for edge support and durability. Many coil systems are also supported by a support foam either on top or underneath the springs. This additional layer provides lasting comfort and support.


Just like other mattress types, hybrid mattresses are available in a variety of firmness options. You should consider both the coil system and the comfort and transition layers since they have different feels even if all rated for medium firmness. With a hybrid mattress, you have a choice of so many different materials in the comfort layer that you need to pay closer attention to how soft the top may feel, since many people consider that an important factor as well. For example, you could choose a firm mattress for your desired support level with a pillowtop layer for added softness.


What is a hybrid mattress and how is it made?

A hybrid mattress is a combination of a foam, latex, or gel mattress with an innerspring system. These mattresses combine the bounce support of a spring mattress with the comfort and durability of a foam mattress. Most hybrid mattresses have a foam base that is only one inch thick for added durability and padding for the coil support system. The coils are typically 8”, though some mattresses will have a 6” or 7” support profile. There are even a few hybrid mattresses that have a second layer of 1-2” softer coils for better contouring, though this is a relatively rare feature. The comfort layer is the half of the bed that takes after foam mattresses with 3-4” of cushioning and transition foams that have a variety of technologies included, such as cooling gel, copper infusion, aerated foams, memory foam, and more. Though a notable feature in other types of mattresses as well, zoned support/transition foams are common in many hybrid mattresses as well. This feature is part of what makes hybrid mattresses such an appealing choice for many sleepers who want pressure relief, comfort, and support at a lower price.

Final thoughts

The first step when on the hunt for a new mattress is choosing which type best suits your needs. By choosing a hybrid bed, you’ll enjoy longevity, reliable support, and supreme comfort. The beds listed above are some of the best hybrid mattresses in Canada, and we’re glad to have been able to shine a light on some worthy candidates. We hope we’ve helped you find the perfect mattress and wish you many restful sleeps ahead.