Canada’s Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, and hope to overcome monetarism

To The Editor,

I want to thank Roberta Histed for bringing to light the threat of freeing Canada’s Banking System from government interference in her recent Letter to the Editor published in The Review.  The sad truth is, that the ‘group of canny millionaires’ are now a ‘group of canny billionaires OR trillionnaires’ and their antics never cease.  Central banks now use something called ‘quantitative easing’, which makes them and the decision-makers representing them richer while making life harder for everyone else.  If there is any ‘easing’ it is for the benefit of the few.  The Rothschild family, among others, still makes decisions to print money from the Federal Reserve, creating ripple effects throughout the world.   They do not stand entirely alone in making decisions to do so, but the U.S. Government is losing power to influence what they do.  There is more power to effect international government affairs in politics, commerce, banking, media and the military made by The Rothschilds in conjunction with the Committee of 300, and the Bilderbergs, than any one government for its own people, including the United States.  In addition to controlling the Federal Reserve, the Rothschild family also controls the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements.

There are three countries left in the world without a central bank – Cuba, North Korea and Iran.  The Industrial Military Complex has taken care to put central banks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan and Libya since the year 2000.

Monetarism, as Ms. Histed poignantly coined, cannot be easily overcome.  It’s a philosophy that essentially gives power to select politicians and globalists to print money and incite spending.  What this is doing is causing the absence of conscience or understanding for individuals to secure their own financial well-being by saving for their future.  This concept is virtually eliminating the possibility of any form of guaranteed investments.

Canadians can still be prudent with their assets by owning a home, without a mortgage, and buying precious metals.  The ‘gold standard’ may come back.  Since the housing crisis in 2008, The Rothschilds have bought up Mortgage-Backed Securities, which essentially means that if banking fails, and economies fail, owning tangible assets such as homes and gold protect individuals more than not having them.

Our current Federal government, run by Justin Trudeau and his administration, will not put Canada in a good position to stand on its own.  Billions of dollars have been squandered.   As a result of this and the actions of the Bank of Canada, our reputation as a country on the world stage is not looking good.  We ARE giving away our power.  Nonetheless, we should not discourage upcoming generations of Canadian leaders from strategizing to take back the trillions of dollars that have been lost to the aforementioned wealthy elite pushing for the New World Order.  We need to have hope in our future generations to take control and keep Canada’s economic growth prospects within this country.

Laura Lea Macaulay
Vankleek Hill


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