To Push or not to Push, that is the marketing question

We often hear about marketing strategies commonly known as push and pull. These strategies, which are very different from each other, both have short-term and long-term effectiveness.

What is a pull marketing strategy: A strategy of bringing the consumer to your product or service through the attraction that they will develop towards your brand (pulling the customer to the product or service). Pull marketing uses word-of-mouth to build a brand loyalty so that customers come back to see you. This strategy is effective in the long-run and will help build your brand awareness. The ultimate goal of this strategy is that customers remember you.

What is a push marketing strategy: This strategy consists rather in forcing sales to the customer (hence the term, pushing the product or service towards the customer). Push marketing makes extensive use of advertising, promotion and promotional tools such as discount coupons, “buy one, get one free”, mail-in rebates or contest in order to increase the sales. The ultimate goal of push marketing is to surpass your competitors and to make money.

As consumers, we can all think of a few brand examples that differentiate by using push and pull marketing strategies.

In marketing, there is not necessarily one better strategy than the other.  It is a question of deciding which one to adapt and how to use a healthy balance between both strategies to the advantage of your company.


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