The World Broomball Championships are held every second year. To quench players’ thirst for the sport, a new tournament emerged to the fill the gap of the alternate year, called the Canada Cup.

This year, the provincial elite women’s champs, the Eastern Rebels won the tournament, which was held in Arnprior at the end of last month.

The team features a handful of local broomball players, including Kyla Burwash, Cynthia Wever, Michelle DeRepentigny, Caroline DeRepentigny, Emjay Vandelaar and Stéphanie Legault.

The Rebels had four wins and a loss after round robin play. They went on to win against the Ontario Vipers in the semi-finals. The Vipers also have a few players from the region (Caroline Ranger, Becky Perkins and Cashelle Baldwin).

Finally, the Rebels defeated Ontario OSS by a score of 2-0 to win the final and be crowned Canada Cup Champions.

The Review thanks Dawn MacDuff for the information.