UCPR approves $300,000 for new admin building at Larose Forest

It took a few months, but the United Counties of Prescott and Russell have approved plans to build a new administrative building at Larose Forest.

The Counties had originally budgeted $250,000 for the construction, but “the bids we got were way over budget,” says Louis Prévost, director of Planning and Forestry.

Despite negotiating with the lowest bidder at the time and “downgrading to the basics,” the price tag was still too high. Finally, UCPR decided to contact contractors in the area in the hopes of getting a better price.

At its latest meeting on August 23, UCPR approved a $300,000 transfer from reserves to put towards the 1,110 square foot building.  

That $50,000 addition comes on top of budget modifications made earlier this year to acquire a parcel of land for another $50,000. Those modifications bring the total coming out of the Larose Forest reserve fund to $549,500 instead of the anticipated $449,500. That amount is partially supplemented by a planned $162,500 addition to the reserve fund, mostly coming from lumber sales to maintain the woodlot.   

Prévost says construction of the new building should start in September and end in December.