The perfume of peonies, perennials and other plants wafted through the air at the Vankleek Hill community centre on Sunday.

The Vankleek Hill and District Horticultural Society held its annual flower show. Two categories made up the events: floral and photograph. A total of 17 members participated, submitting 121 entries, the vast majority in the floral category.


  • Class 1 — Irises: Joan King
  • Class 2 — Peonies: Joan King
  • Class 3A — Perennials: Claudia Deskin and Joan King
  • Class 3B — Annuals: Joan King
  • Class 4 — Roses: Joan King
  • Class 5 — Houseplants: Mary Higginson
  • Class 6 — Decorative Arrangements: Louise Allard
  • Class 7 — Photographs: Charles Freeman and Joan King
  • Overall — 1st, Joan King (47 points); 2nd, Louise Freeman (34 points); 3rd, Charles Freeman (24 points)

This is one of Freeman’s 1st prize arrangements. She said the judge measured the amount of water, the section out of it, the bottom had to be covered to hide “the mechanics,” and had to have an overall visual appeal. (Photo: Francis Tessier-Burns).