A modified tractor pull, different rides for kids, and a school bus demolition derby are some of the new events coming to this year’s Lachute Fair.

The additions to this year’s schedule are “to try and get more people through the gate,” said Scott Lees—no easy feat since this will be the fair’s 192nd edition.

Lees is the president of the Argenteuil Agricultural Society and held a press conference outlining the fair’s schedule on June 22.

“Number one, we are an agriculture fair, and our main goal is to support the agriculture community, so when we bring people in we always want them to go see the animals,” he said. “But to do that, we need to do other events to get the people to come in. People don’t want to just come in and see a cow or chicken anymore.”

‘Keep the prices low and the entertainment high’

A large chunk of the fair’s funding comes from Agriculture, Pêcheries et Alimentation Québec.

Lees said the cost to put on the fair hovers just over $100,000. Before, he said, the agricultural society would receive about $30,000, but “each year it’s being reduced.” The rest of the cost is mostly made up through admission prices.

Lees said the organizers deal with the age-old dilemma of getting the most bang for your buck.

“We always have to try and find new things to get people to come,” he said. “We have to try and stay within reasonable numbers to get the people to come without choking them to death with pricing.”

The team behind this year’s edition of the fair. Left to right: Marcel Deschamps, C.J. MacOuat, Sean Nairn, Kelly Maclachlan, Jimmy Hall, Scott Lees, Pierre Filion, John McCart and Nicholas Bertrand. (Photo: Francis Tessier-Burns).

Tried and true

The modified tractor pull on the Friday evening will be loud enough to be heard in Brownsburg, joked Lees. It’s one of the events he’s most excited for.

The bus demolition derby is another. For now, there will be at least four buses, all coming from Campeau Bus Lines.

Lees said he was partially inspired by the Vankleek Hill Fair combine derby, but didn’t want to step on toes and went a different direction.

“Now make sure you don’t do it,” he laughs, warning VKH’s fair organizers, “or i’ll start doing combine derbies.”

For a full schedule of the event, visit the Lachute Fair’s website.