(Photo: Pïxabay).

Making your garden work better with permaculture

On Saturday, May 13, Valerie Johnstone will be giving a permaculture workshop at the Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market.

The workshop will focus on small-scale permaculture gardens. And participants won’t come away empty-handed assures Melanie Herry.

Herry is part of the Prescott County 4-H group and organized the workshop. She says Johnstone will be giving away sample plants for people to use in their gardens.

While permaculture is a bit of a catch-all term, in this context it’ll help gardeners make their garden work hard and more sustainable.

The workshop is in line with the Journey 2050 project, which aims to answer the question, “How will we sustainably feed 9 billion people by the year 2050?” The organization sponsored a grant through 4-H Ontario and Herry received $250 to put on the workshop.

She says the workshop is for everybody—whether you’re a permaculture rookie or veteran.

“Sometimes when you read gardening information, you say ‘That’s great for BC but what about Ontario?’ and then ‘That’s great for Southern Ontario, but what about here?’,” says Herry, and adds that all the information covered will be applicable to this region.