Local artists made signs and artwork to support a clear-cutting protest help on Thursday, April 13. (Photo: Francis Tessier-Burns)

100 people stand for trees

Anyone driving down highway 34 south of Vankleek Hill last Thursday evening, likely saw an impromptu tree-filled art installation.

About 100 people with signs and artwork gathered to protest clear-cutting in the area. The event was organized in part by Andy Perreault, who’s made a reputation by standing in that spot protesting clear-cutting for the past two winters.

Kristi McGee and her young son, Evan, were part of the crow. Although, they didn’t make a sign, (“It was too late,” said Evan), they wanted to add their voices and show trees are needed “for more than just oxygen,” said McGee.

While Perreault was happy with the turnout, he said he was hoping to see more people.

But he also knows not everyone is as impassioned about this issue.

“I know I’m extreme, but I don’t want them to fade away into the sunset without so much as a fight,” he said. He adds he’ll be doing more research during the summer.

“If nothing changes, I’m back here next winter.”