Chef Bruce Wood will be catering the farmers' market's upcoming annual general meeting. (Photo: Louise Sproule).

Happy birthday Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market

The Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market is turning 20 this year. On Sunday, March 26, the it’ll be hosting its annual general meeting and is inviting both vendors and supporters to celebrate over dinner.

Dedication and loyalty are at the heart of the market’s success, says Richard Kerr, the market’s president.

“The key benefit is people can come and connect with the person they’re getting food from, so they can actually learn about where it’s coming from in detail,” he says. “There’s kind of a loyalty that develops around that relationship.”

He also says the market is “grateful” for its good relationship with the school.

So how does the market stay interesting after 20 years?

“One of the changes we started last summer was to encourage more diversity and more vendors… we’re looking for people who have things that are not presently at the market,” says Kerr.

He adds the market is working on a few other projects: special events for the anniversary and the harvest festival, educational workshops and even chatting with some local musicians to have music on Saturday mornings.