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Fire at farm in St-Eugène

This morning, March 7, a fire broke out at 3V Farms, also known as Ferme Bertrand Villeneuve, east of St-Eugène near the border of Ontario and Québec.

A swarm of fire trucks from East Hawkesbury and surrounding municipalities were on-site at 30 Villeneuve Road to control the flames.

The fire was localized to a large garage containing most of the farm’s heavy machinery.

“(It’s) demolished, the machinery is lost,” said Robert Kirby, mayor of East Hawkesbury. “It’s a very big garage, I’d say he had about 85 per cent of his machinery in there,” he said, coming back from the property.

The Hawkesbury OPP was also dispatched.

“Police are still at the scene with the fire department and trying to assess the situation,” said Mario Gratton, the spokesperson for the detachment. “As far as I’m concerned right now, I don’t know if someone is still missing or not… They need to contact people and I don’t know if at this point if they were able to reach everyone, but they’re trying to make sure everyone is safe,” he added before saying it was a “huge fire.”

Tobias Hovey and Michel Martin, fire chiefs for the Nation and Champlain respectively, said they didn’t have any information yet. Dominic Norman, fire chief for East Hawkesbury, was unavailable for comment.

The Review is currently pursuing the story and will update as more information comes in.

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