Evelyne Levac and Léo Proulx, two members of Save the Nation, presented more than 800 signed letters opposing the proposed wind farm near St-Bernardin to The Nation at Monday’s council meeting.

Mayor St. Amour and Councillor Legault are two of the letters’ signatories.

Save the Nation gathered the letters in late November last year to present them to Premier Kathleen Wynne. In December, the group also met with MPP Grant Crack to use the letters as the basis to petition the provincial government to stop the project.

Levac and Proulx also asked The Nation to join the Multi Municipal Group, which counts 115 municipalities across Ontario that are either “unwilling hosts” to industrial-scale wind turbines (like The Nation), or oppose aspects of the Green Energy Act. Alfred-Plantagenet, Champlain, East Hawkesbury, Hawkesbury and the United Counties have already signed on with MMG. On January 3, the group released a public declaration claiming large-scale wind turbine projects and the government of Ontario were “exploiting” rural Ontario.

“I hope we can work together,” said Proux to The Nation’s council. Councillor Legault asked what that meant exactly, and Proulx responded that down the line Save the Nation may need “resources”, but didn’t specify what these would be.

“There’s a limit. We have to be more or less neutral,” said Legault.

Councillor Laflèche and Proulx butt heads afterwards. Laflèche argued it’s well within a farmer’s right to allow wind turbines on their land, while Proulx opposed the project overall. 

Mayor St. Amour brought the exchange to a halt since council wasn’t going to decide that evening whether or not the municipality will sign on with MMG. He said it will review the letters and documents and will decide at a further meeting.