"It's like we're in a pick up truck and we're headed for a brick wall, but nobody wants to put on the breaks," says Andy Perreault. (Photo: Francis Tessier-Burns)

Back at it again

New sign, new winter, same message.

Andy Perreault says his new sign is inspired by Mother Teresa: she would protest for something, not against it.

Perreault’s new sign. Well, aren’t they? (Photo: Francis Tessier-Burns)

Like last winter, Perreault stands on highway 34 south of Vankleek Hill. He waves to every car and truck and braces himself against the wind as semi-trucks whoosh by nearly blowing his sign—and him— over.

A seasonal worker repairing Victorian houses, Perreault says he doesn’t blame farmers or developers. He wants to remind people about the importance of trees.

“People keep telling me, ‘I don’t know what to do’,” he says. “Call a politician, or put a sign in the back of your car that says, ‘Save the trees.’ You can do something that isn’t freezing your butt off all winter.”

“Just do something. That’s the bottom line.”

“I’m not stepping on anybody’s toes and I’m not telling people what to do,” he says, “but I will be here like a two-legged conscience.”


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