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“Memorial plaque” installed at Dalkeith Library

 Members of Friends of the Dalkeith Library gathered on Saturday, August 27 for a ceremony to unveil a “memorial plaque,” created by Leo Lehtiniemi of Glen Robertson and Maggie Dean of Dalkeith. The plaque’s inscription incldudes the names of the people responsible for opening the library in 1978, as well as those of the people who are responsible for its closure, according to members of the group. Friends of the Dalkeith library has been very critical of the decision of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Library Board to close three library branches on September 3. “We are in mourning in Dalkeith. Four more days of library and then no more,” wrote Joelle Claudon, a member of the library, in an email. “Of course it’s not as awful as losing a family member but it’s still very painful.”
Friends of the Dalkeith Library organized a memorial ceremony for the branch, which is set to close on September 3. (Photo submitted by Joelle Claudon)
The inscription on the “memorial plaque” blames Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry council and library board for the closure of the branch. (Photo Barbara Lehtiniemi)


Leo Lehtiniemi of Glen Robertson and Maggie Dean of Dalkeith, seen here, made the plaque. (Photo Barbara Lehtiniemi)